Stay healthy and active during winter with these simple tips!


In winters, there is a higher chance of facing various types of sickness. It can be a viral or a bacterial infection, and it can also be a mental lethargic problem that arise due to inadequate physical exercise. It is very normal to feel lazy during the days and also because the days are shorter. Waking up in the early morning can be the toughest task in the chilly seasons. And the delay in getting up leads to delay all the other activities in the winters. With such a schedule, most of us don’t find enough time to go for a walk or to hit the gym. All the things can be reversed if we learn how to keep ourselves active and healthy in the falls. Just some simple variations in our daily lives, and we will feel as active and full of energy as we felt in the rest of the months in the year, or may be more than that! So here are some tips for you to be cheerful even in the dry, lazy winters:

Hydrate yourself!

Taking plenty of water is necessary in every time and every season if we want to live a good life. Studies say that people who take more water are more active and healthier. Sufficient amount of water will keep your biological functions intact and help in vitalization. In winters, we may not feel thirsty a lot which decreases our water intake. But this again leads to improper functionality of our body. Water also keeps our skin and hair healthy in winters.

Take Warm water in morning:

Taking warm water will keep your digestive tract clean and healthy. With warm water intake in the morning, we flush out toxins and unnecessary materials from our guts. It has many benefits which include- weight loss, get rid of nasal congestion, muscle relief, digestion, and circulation.

Take multi-vitamins:

Multi vitamins are necessary for the vitality of our body. It keeps our health intact by providing necessary amount of vitamins and minerals to body which we might skip in our daily food intake. Multivitamins enhance body’s resistance to allergens, infections, and thus keep us away from illness. It also keeps our mood good and gives strength to body which is much required in winters.

Eat healthy:

Not just in winters, but healthy eating should be our first habit for all the seasons in the year. Taking meals that have balanced proportion of necessary elements like protein, mineral, carbohydrates, fatty acid and vitamins is very much necessary. In winters we generally feel more hungry because our body needs more food to generate heat. So, we may end up having unhealthy food and snacks which put negative impact on our health. Rather, we should add the food items that are rich in fibre, vitamin C, A, we can take more eggs, lettuce, leafy vegetables, add cereals, fish, and Omega fatty acid to our diet for a healthier lifestyle.

Work for your skin:

Our skin gets worse affected during winters. Dryness and patchy skin are the most common problems seen in almost everyone. You can take home remedies for healthier and glowy skin during winters and also add good food to your diet that helps in enhancing skin and hair texture such as biotin, Omega fatty acid, Vitamin E, curd, banana, etc.

Exercise is must!

If you are not able to wake up in the morning, you can increase your gym or Yoga time during the evening but do it regularly! Because keeping ourselves fit with exercise is a must during the winter.

Look good, feel good!

Last but not least, if you want to feel good and active, both physically and mentally, then you have to look good to yourself! Get up and get dressed to work from home, or to roam in your society park, but do your best to feel good during the chilly winter times! If you want to pamper yourself and your dear ones, you can send cosmetic hampers, and grooming kits online from a popular online gift retailer like MyFlowerApp.Com.