The Maintenance Tips for Luxury Pools with Waterfalls

Luxury Pools with Waterfalls

Waterfall in a pool is a beautiful addition to your backyard. But keep in mind that luxury pools with waterfalls require a lot of care and maintenance to keep in a good condition. Here’s what you will need to follow to maintain the waterfalls attached to the pools:

Get a Good Pump

The maintenance of the pool’s waterfall highly depends on the way it is initially built. So, it is essential that you attach a good pump during building the pool. Carefully focus on what water pump will be used, and if it will be able to handle the water pressure going through it. Also, check that it must have a strong motor that can easily push the water up and out. It will ensure that you will not have to change the filters or clean the pumps that often.

If you have trouble choosing the water pump, you can take assistance from your swimming pool contractors in Atlanta.

Constant Checking

Sandals Luxury Pools recommend you select a day of the week to conduct a thorough inspection and make it a consistent habit. The filters and pumps on the waterfall must be checked weekly to ensure there are no clogs, and make sure to remove the debris to avoid big problems. Also, if there are a lot of plants around make sure to keep them trimmed so they won’t clog up the filters.

Eliminate Calcium Build-Up

If you don’t clean up the waterfall on regular basis, there is a high chance that calcium will be built around the area. So as suggested by pool companies in Atlanta, you need to clean it up as soon as possible to ensure smooth working. You need to clean up the calcium build-up after every month or three depending upon the condition. Now, many people often ask how to clean it themselves? Here’s what you will need to do: stop the water pump and drain out the water from the waterfall, and then remove the rocks from the surroundings and lay them out on the flat surface. Clean these rocks with simple dish soap and warm water solution and scrub the build-up. After you are done with the step, simply clean these rocks with a water hose.

In some cases, you might still be left with some calcium build-up and for that, you should use white vinegar on the stains left, and scrub it until they are removed.


We often forget that even when we are not using the pools in winter, we still have to care for them. So, when autumn nearly ends you should pack up the filters and dry out the pool water. Store this equipment inside until the season arrives again. Before you put them back again, make sure to clean them thoroughly from the dust that might have been accumulated.

These are some of the best maintenance tips you need to follow if you have luxury pools with waterfalls installed in your house. If you show negligence in following this schedule, the waterfall might not stay in working condition for long.

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