The most practical rough house decoration strategy and detailed steps

      The decoration of my rough house was done in a semi-packed way, that is, I found a contractor and bought all the materials by myself. Below I will record the decoration situation of my home one by one, including the purchase order of decoration materials, decoration budget list and actual expenses, matters to be noted, decoration lessons, decoration progress, etc. Absolute experience talks, I will give you a lesson For reference, you can suffer less in the future.

Before the decoration, it is best to go to the house to measure the various areas in advance, including: tile area, wallpaper area, floor area, and the size of the location where the furniture may be placed (in case the furniture cannot be placed in it), there is an approximate size, It is also convenient for you to budget yourself. When I went to see the sofa for the first time, the seller asked me how wide a sofa I would buy. I didn’t know. Fortunately, I brought the size chart given to me by the contractor, otherwise I would be embarrassed. I carried this size chart with me. Smart drop

Before changing the water and electricity, it is best to fix the cabinets, range hoods, stoves, and water heaters in advance, because the cabinet designers need to go to the door to measure (the first measurement) to help determine the location of the power supply and the reconstruction plan of the waterway. In addition, the exact positions of switches, lamps, basins, bathtubs, washing machines, refrigerators, etc. must also be determined in advance, otherwise, once the wall tiles are attached, after the ceiling is completed, it will be difficult to add socket panels. In addition, aesthetic issues must be considered in advance. In addition, I installed a socket on the wall under the sink. Because the water quality in my city is very poor and the content of heavy metals exceeds the standard, I have to buy a water purifier for the health of my family. You can determine whether to buy a water purifier according to the water quality in various places, but it is best to set up the socket first. In case you want to use it in a few years, multiple sockets are no harm anyway. . . Don’t miss  NHS Charles Bentley Discount Code

      I have no previous experience. The location of the water heater in my house is particularly ugly. You can see the side of the water heater as soon as you enter the door. You can take a look at the picture below. The red circle shows my water heater. Standing in the corridor or at the door, you can see It’s the profile, in fact, what you actually see is uglier than the picture. . . It was very troublesome, but I couldn’t change it. It was all because I had no experience at the time and didn’t ask the workers to change the water and electricity.

     Before tiling, you must buy the floor drain in advance. My contractor is responsible for it (please remind the contractor to buy a floor drain with deodorant function). Also, be sure to finish waterproofing in advance. Otherwise, there will be endless troubles. Like the house I rented before, the waterproofing was not done properly, which caused serious water leakage downstairs. The landlord had to find someone to plan out the bricks and remake them. In addition, they had to repair the leaking walls downstairs, which was costly and laborious. , Why not do it in one step when decorating, right?

     After the bricks are pasted, the ceiling is suspended. It is best to sell aluminum gussets for suspended ceilings. At present, it seems that aluminum-magnesium-manganese alloys are better. Also pay special attention. When buying aluminum gussets, you must ask for the full package price, including gussets, corners, and installation fees. In addition, if you buy the Yuba separately, you must install the Yuba before the ceiling. In order to be lazy, my bathroom heaters, bathroom lights, exhaust fans, kitchen lights, etc. are all bought at the ceiling home. They are done in one go and the quality is guaranteed. Just a few days after the renovation, due to electrical problems, the kitchen lamp was short-circuited and the lamp tube burned out. After visiting the ceiling home, I exchanged a lamp for free, and finally discovered the benefits of buying at the same home,

When I bought a Yuba, I struggled with it for a long time. Later, I heard from a friend that a child who stared at the lamp while taking a bath (because the child is naturally attracted by the light-emitting things), his eyes were burned blind and looked terrifying, so he finally bought a wind-heated one. However, there are disadvantages to air heating. You need to turn it on in advance before taking a bath in winter. Otherwise, it will be extremely cold if you blow the air heating when you take a bath. However, the floor heating in my community is very good in winter, and there is no need to open the wind to heat. This is the ceiling of the bathroom:

      Although the wallpaper is beautiful, the pollution is serious, so Ou’s family didn’t paste the wallpaper. Of course, it also considered cost saving. If you paste wallpaper, you must paste it before installing the switch panel, so that the connection will not be ugly.

Then it’s time to install the bathroom products: toilet, basin, faucet, bathroom mirror, shower. If you have children at home (or want children in recent years), be sure to buy this kind of shower with a water spout underneath, because it is very convenient to collect water in the basin when bathing the child. A word of experience

     This is the bathroom cabinet in our house, I took a photo of it standing in front of the window. You may find a problem, why is the bathroom cabinet behind the door? Wouldn’t it look better if you face the door? It’s a bit awkward to look at it this way. In fact, I originally planned to put the bathroom cabinet and bathroom mirror facing the door, but there is a very important custom in the north. The mirror cannot face the door. This is what my mommy strongly requested, so I changed it. Some bad things are better to be believed than to bring disasters to the family just to look comfortable. . . . . So when you buy a house, you should be optimistic about the floor plan and learn a little feng shui from your elders, so that you can avoid buying some houses that are not particularly well-structured.

When installing cabinets, it is best to install range hoods, stoves, water heaters, and sinks at the same time. Installing these things at the same time will not involve the problem of inconsistent size or incomplete installation in a day. It is best to use “Jilin Forestry Lushuihe” for the cabinet panels. However, no matter how good the panels are, they are all glued together with a lot of chemical materials. You must also pay attention to the smell in the later stage.

  Install drying racks, curtain rods, bathroom hardware, etc. as early as possible. These small items with serious dust fall are best installed before installing the floor. I heard that remote-controlled drying racks are easy to break and use electricity, so my family bought the kind of hand-cranked automatic drying racks.

     Level the ground. The floor must be leveled before installation. Otherwise, it will go deflated after being laid, and there will be noises, which is very depressing. At that time, it would be exhausting to dismantle and resurface. The floor is large, it will be delivered the first day and installed the next day. After they delivered the goods, they said that there were some putty on the ground that was dropped when painting the walls, and they had to be shoveled off, and the floating dust on the ground had to be disposed of.

      At that time, my husband and I remembered that when my parents were renovating before, it seemed that some sawdust was spread on the ground, and it finally came in handy. I went to a timber base and bought a bag of sawdust for 20 yuan. Pour out half of the sawdust first, spray it evenly on the sawdust with a small watering can (or find a mineral water bottle to pierce a few holes), and stir while spraying. Do not spray too much water, if the ground is wet, it will not be possible to spread the floor the next day. Let the water wake up in the sawdust for a while, and start shoveling the sticky putty on the cement floor. The small shovel should also be prepared in advance, three to five yuan each. This is also a personal effort. I was too tired. I was numb. I regretted it after shoveling for a while. It would be better to find someone to clean it up. The price of 100 yuan here is estimated to be about the same. The facts prove that my idea is right. The arm hurts continuously for 3 days. After shoveling the putty, stir the sawdust again, and start to sprinkle all corners of the room, especially the wall joints must be covered. Sawdust with moisture is very dust-absorbing and will stain the floating dust on the ground. Let them absorb on the ground for a while, then they can be swept up with a broom, and finally put in a bag and thrown away. Get Charles Bentley Coupon Code

      But I forgot to buy one thing: masks. If the sawdust is handled well, 70% of the floating ash can be absorbed, but some of it will float up and make the whole body dusty. If there is a mask, it would be great. Moreover, the mask can be directly used as a rag when it is used up, which is very useful for wiping the table and washing dishes. Two people kept cleaning until after 7 o’clock in the evening, which is not so tired. I would like to advise everyone again, be sure to buy a mask, a lesson from the past! Below is the grand occasion of my house sprinkling sawdust.

    Install doors and floors. I heard everyone say that if you install the floor first and then install the door, there will be many small holes on the floor, which is very ugly. Therefore, my family chose Xian’anmen. However, this choice really made me regret it for a while. Later, I learned that only solid wood flooring can be so delicate, and it’s okay to be careful with reinforced composites. When installing the door, their family did not ask me how thick the floor was, nor did they ask them to cut the excess length when the floor was installed. When the day came to install the floor, something depressing came. The floorer said that everyone puts the floor under the door frame in the decoration, and the door frame needs to be cut off. I now have two choices: First, ask the master of the door family to cut the door frame, so that the quality can be guaranteed. If there are any problems later, they are responsible for it. Of course, this is the best choice; second, let the master of the floor master cut the door frame. The door frame, each door frame is 20 yuan, but they told me that they may not fit the floor very well, and the wall may be more or less inclined, so if the door frame is cut, the door frame may be deformed or even collapsed. , They are irresponsible, and the family may also not be responsible, I ⊙﹏⊙bhan, what do you want me to do. The first choice I made was the first choice, but I called the master of the door and it was from 7 to 8 o’clock. Maybe it was too early and no one answered. Occasionally, I was in a hurry. If you say otherwise, wait for the door frame to be cut off before you make an appointment with the floorer to install the floor, otherwise the installation will not be finished today! Is it easy to make an appointment on the floor? More than a month in advance! ! ! Simply cruel, let the floor cut! Isn’t there a risk? I have lived for so many years, and I have barely encountered low-probability events, so I took a gamble! In the end, the security was done. There was indeed a seam under the door frame. It was not a problem to insert a needle. I asked them to use the glass glue left over from the toilet at home to glue it. If you don’t look carefully, there is no problem. But I still feel uncomfortable while writing.

Before looking at the forum, everyone said that you should not cut the floor in the house or it would be too dirty. However, the floor purchased by Ou’s family is dust-free, so it was cut directly in the house without dust, and they cleaned it directly for me after installation, which saves trouble.

     The big cleaning has finally begun. In addition, I also made an appointment for the cleaning of the cabinets. They will clean the kitchen for free, including the sawdust left by the holes in the cabinets. After cleaning, you will find that the windows are too bright. It is indeed a very scary thing to climb outside to clean the glass in such a high building. But except for windows, the cleaning effect in other places is not so obvious. Shop now Argos Promo Code NHS

     Install the switch panel. The socket panel was installed after the cleaning in my house. Because the previous cabinets, doors, floors, and major cleaning will generate a lot of dust, I am worried that more or less will enter the switch panel. This dust can not be cleaned up, and it will eventually be absorbed by the family. After installation, let the contractor find someone to fill in the small gaps between the switch panel and the wall, skirting line and the wall with putty (or latex paint), and it will be perfect after filling.

    Next, let the furniture in as soon as possible, so as to disperse the taste as soon as possible. Beds, mattresses, wardrobes, shoe cabinets, sofas, and dining tables. It’s best to call them one month in advance, make an appointment for the delivery time, and call them one week before delivery to confirm. I suffered a loss. I originally called a month in advance to make an appointment to deliver the bed, mattress and dining table. However, they called them on the morning of the delivery, but they told me that the workers couldn’t come because of temporary problems. As a result, the appointment reached 20. Delivery later in the day is very tragic. . . .

      Buyer calls. After comparing Taobao,, specialty stores, and shopping malls, it is concluded that Suning Appliance is cheaper. Now the prices of Suning Appliances and online Suning in many cities are synchronized (check carefully), which is very good. The refrigerators and washing machines are all samples. They are 30% off, and they can be wiped off. The style is beautiful, and the production date is within one year. However, there is a scratch on the side of the washing machine. Up. In fact, the sample is very good. I tried it outside for a few months. The quality is no problem and it is cheap. But when you buy it, you must check if there are any small flaws. If it does not affect the appearance, you can bargain hard. Can save a lot of money. use amazon discount code

    to sum up. The most important thing to buy decoration is to choose the right time to buy. After all, there are so many things to buy for decoration. Each thing saves a few hundred, which is not a small number. Many things in my house (range hood, stove, water heater, door, wall tiles, toilet, shower, basin, master bed, master bedroom closet, small bookcase, dining table and dining chair) were fixed on 3.15, because before I heard many relatives and friends say that 3.15 is the lowest price for decoration materials throughout the year, so on March 15th, these are all set. Some leftovers, such as sofas, second bed, and second bedroom wardrobes, were all set during the May Day holiday. Electrical appliances were bought during the “mid-year promotion” in June. Most of them were in Suning and Jingdong. Small electrical appliances and hardware Parts, switch panels, etc. are bought on Taobao, because my home decoration does not pursue the best, only the most cost-effective, and the less money you spend on the better things, this is my pleasure.

In addition, when the bargaining price is really hard to cut, you can ask them to add more things, so as not to have to spend money to buy them, maybe the quality is not as good as theirs. For example, the wooden door I bought on 3.15 is already a special price, and the price is not negotiable, so I asked the store to give away handles, hinges, and door locks. Affordable. The door is basically tasteless, and the heart is beautiful, this is the high cost-effective stuff.