There is no point going to all the both of designing your home with care and attention if it does not smell great as everyone loves to have their homes looking their best. If the first thing you notice on entering a room is a lingering unpleasant odor or state atmosphere even the most beautiful decorative effects will have a little impact. It is where home fragrances like Pura diffuser come in.

Home fragrances have moved on considerably since the days when they consisted of little more than cheap mass-market electric plug-ins or (dare I say it) the dreaded air freshener spray which more often than not smelled worse than any odor it was attempting to cover up.

A Varied Range of Products

From an increasing range of products that include good old-fashioned incense sticks, scented candles, and a variety of fragrance diffusers that includes electrical diffusers and their more elegant counterparts, reed diffusers, anyone looking for home fragrances nowadays has the choice of picking from the same.


The fastest-growing in terms of popularity is the reed diffusers of all these options. In this rise in popularity, what does the reed diffusers owe? There are many advantages that the reed diffuser has over the types of home fragrance here.

Scented candles

The first thing that you think of while considering home fragrances is the scented candles. They are an obvious choice while you are looking to introduce sweet-smelling scents to your home or office with the combination of delightful fragrances and the enduring appeal of a flickering flame. There are even drawbacks to the scented candles.

Colors of choice

If you have kids or pets in your residence as their bright colors and flame may attract unwanting attention, posing the possibility of them being accidentally knock over with the attendant risk of fire, they are not always suitable. When they are lit, the scent candles by their very nature only functions properly in that time.

When they are unlit they do have a subtle fragrance and this is simply not being enjoying them at their best. The reed diffusers in this respect offer a lot more convenient home fragrance options. They offer continuous, though subtle, fragrance to your room that is not dependable on the wick that is being lit as they do not need the flame to make them work.

Reed Diffusers

As you need not electricity to function as they are ideal for the smaller rooms including the bathrooms or the halls as the reed Pura diffuser can be placing anywhere as you wish they do not need electricity to function. The reed diffusers also offer you the opportunity of the varied intensity of the perfume as they offer the best means of turning the reeds in the scented oil, unlike the scented candles.

Simply turn the reeds in the scented oil at more frequent intervals if you are preferring a less intense fragrance just leaving the reeds for longer before turning them or else place a few fewer reeds in the oil if you need a fragrance boost.