These Bloggers Set Fashion Statements Globally

fashion influencers

The bloggers are our source of inspiration for fashion and lifestyle. We follow them every day because these girls just do not stop! Do you want to know everything about international bloggers that set a trend this year? Find out all about the best fashion bloggers ruling the internet this year.

Chiara Ferragni

She is without doubt the most successful blogger since she started her blog as a law student. In 2009, she decided to open a fashion and street style blog that she called ‘The Blonde Salad’. Today, she occupies a privileged place on the Forbes list of the 30 most influential talents below 30 . She has a turnover of more than 8 million dollars. She is the first Instagramer that has managed to overcome the barrier of 10 million followers. Harvard included her brilliant rise among its case studies, and she is the image and ambassador of many brands. Her empire crosses the borders of the digital system. She has several people who work for her “company”. She designs shoes and she even just opened her first physical store. Chiara is unstoppable!

Aimee Song

A wonderful life – that’s what we think when we see Aimee Song’s Instagram account. But there is actually a B-side in the life of successful bloggers. It was stated in a recent video in which we saw the influencer collapsed, saying that all that glitters is not gold. For this very human and intimate side, we admire Aimee even more. Apart from that, this girl is also very versatile. She combines her life as a blogger with interior design. As if we didn’t have enough, Aimee’s sister, Dani, collaborates with her on her YouTube videos.

Paola Alberdi

Paola is the name behind the top luxury brands in the world, including Armani, Bulgari, Fendi, Gucci, and Prada. Her fashion sense evokes an irresistible urge to try out anything that she sports. That’s what happened to many leading brands of the world when they saw her walk the New York Fashion Week’s Rebecca Minkoff Runway back in 2019. This Latino girl is who you see on the covers of magazines as big as InStyle Mexico and Modeliste. Her blogging career was a hit, which soon led her to work with the top luxury brands in the world.

She has been named as one of the highest-earning influencers in fashion in the United States. She was the first fashion influencer who collaborated with Amazon to launch a capsule collection for their new program called The Drop. Quien Magazine names her among the Top 31 women in Mexico, and we simply can’t deny that.

Julie Sarinana

Despite her Mexican roots, California runs through her veins. Her style tastes like the evocative beaches of Santa Monica. It is built on the basis of sunsets and surf nods, ripped jeans, 90s prints and the warm colors of the West Coast. Her outfits have a very LA background without losing that Caribbean touch or the high doses of vintage from the 50s, another of her favorite decades.

Negin Mirsalehi

Negin is a girl to be followed not only for her style. Her trips this summer and for her eternal smile and enviable hair is irresistible. She is addicted to a healthy life. She likes brown rice, avocado and salmon salads; green juices, organic markets, red fruit-based breakfasts and coffee. And for more zen life, Negin has inherited her passion for beekeeping from her family. In fact, it is in that family garden where they grow honey that she manages to find peace. Get caught up in her lifestyle and learn to smile like Negin does.

Alexa Chung

There is a lot to tell about Alexa. Her modelling career began when she received fame at age 16 and began appearing in teen magazines such as Elle Girl or CosmoGIRL! She participated in some shows at London Fashion Week and has been the face of brands such as DKNY, Pepe Jeans London, and Lacoste’s. She chose Joy of Pink as the new face of her fragrance and has also been the face of the Italian shoe brand Superga and Longchamp.

In addition to being a model, Alexa Chung is a television host. But without a doubt, Alexa is an it girl. Her style, often quite disheveled, is marked by brands such as Chanel, Wren, Luella and Phillip Lim or Barbour. We love her ripped jeans, knee-high socks, Peter Pan necklaces or her handbags such as the classic Chanel 2.55 or the one dedicated and named after her by the Mulberry house.

Michelle Hunziker

Michelle is Swiss, but her professional and personal career took off in Italy. She has been a model and television presenter, but the truth is that her love life is the cover of many Italian reviews. Things of love aside, in her Instagram profile we see the day to day of a simple mother who cares about leading a healthy and very family life. We like her for her casual and elegant style! Currently, she continues to star in fashion campaigns, mainly for Trussardi, since in 2014 she married the heir to the empire.

Lauren Bullen

Lauren Bullen and her partner, Jack Morris live a dream life. Travel is their passion and they travel the world to share it on networks with millions of followers. She loves to have breakfast with giraffes, relax in the best hotels with unique views, taste the gastronomy of each part of the world, watch the sunset in Abu Dhabi or sleep in the desert. Their photos are impressive, as are the places they visit. In this profile you will not only find travel, but also fashion and lifestyle. But all this has a trick to it – this couple of bloggers are actually paid to stay in a hotel and publish it on the networks. They revealed in an interview that they do not charge less than $3,000 per post.