Top 8 advantages of vinyl plank flooring

Top 8 advantages of vinyl plank flooring

Vinyl plank flooring today is not like the one that is in the past. With the advancement in technology, vinyl has got a shift towards a luxurious floor. No doubt it is getting popular. Regardless of the looks and choices, vinyl is available for all areas. Of course, the new vinyl can fulfill all your needs.

No question at all; vinyl plank flooring has specific merits and demerits. However, there are still many positive sides that you can prefer. These floors are durable and waterproof. You can put these floors anywhere in the home. In fact, this is the best choice for kitchens and bathrooms. This is mainly because of its high moisture resistance.

Of course, hardwood and laminates lack this feature. It’s quite clear that you cannot place wood flooring in the bathroom. On the other hand, vinyl is a good choice for both spills and stains as it has excellent resistance to these enemies.

Not only these but there are also many exciting facts about vinyl plank flooring. So let’s begin

  1. Timeless designs 
  2. Incredible appearance 
  3. High-end durability 
  4. Vinyl plank flooring is safe 
  5. Easy cleaning 
  6. Versatile 
  7. Ample variety 
  8. Realistic visuals

1- Everlasting Designs

Vinyl flooring comes in a variety of great graphics. These floors are made with cutting-edge knowledge and new designs. Modern technology can create fantastic vinyl plank designs that look like hardwood, stone, or ceramic. Vinyl floors are long-lasting. It is an excellent long-term asset. Moreover, it is highly resistant to dents, scratches, scuffs, and stains.

2- Incredible appearances 

Vinyl plank flooring is one of the best floors as these floors have a great appearance. You can now get the wood or ceramic look at the least cost. Moreover, these floors are available in both light and bold tones. You can get the desired color quickly. Indeed this is a timeless floor. However, now you can also have a LifeProof vinyl floor with decent grace. Irrespective of your home style, you can use vinyl all around. This is not limited to any style. Now you can get myriads of colors and styles as well. 

3- High-end durability

High-quality materials are used to create these floors. Materials that are used ensure increased durability and longevity. Planks are glazed with materials that have a high resistance to scratches and dents. Waterproof vinyl flooring has the added benefit of resisting moisture, which can cause significant damage.

4- Vinyl plank flooring is safe

During any home redo, safety is vital. No doubt it’s necessary to buy a floor that is both safe for health and kids. No doubt these floors are phthalate floors. You can easily walk on these floors. The lack of chemicals makes this flooring ideal for all. 

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5- Easy cleaning 

Yes, this is another fact about vinyl flooring. These floors are great in terms of cleaning. Along with a soft, smooth surface, you don’t need harsh vacuum cleaning. Unlike historical vinyl, vinyl today needs easy upkeep. So if you have a busy home, use these floors.

Moreover, simple mopping and sweeping are best for this floor. Keep in mind that harsh chemicals or abrasives can damage the wear layer. So stay vigilant. Never apply wax or polish over the surface. 


Nowadays, these floors are made with the latest technologies. In most cases, 3D technology is used. This floor depicts a fantastic image. It’s just like 3D imagery. With the help of 3D technology, unique designs are made. This also helps in getting a strong resemblance with the hardwood or other natural looks. Last but not least, vinyl floors are incredible for all spaces. 

7- Ample variety 

This flooring is available in a wide variety. This is another fact behind its fame. It is accessible in myriads of shapes and sizes. However, the selection of size mainly depends on homeowners. But, in most cases, it also depends on the manufacturers.

Besides shape, vinyl flooring is also available in different lengths and widths. You can get vinyl planks in 12×12, 18×18, and 12×24. All flooring store in Columbus always mentions that this flooring strongly matches the hardwood. So, people tend to buy this more. People who live in humid places or water-prone areas buy vinyl planks as compared to laminates. 

8- Realistic visuals

One of the unknown facts about vinyl planks is their visuals. Most people don’t have an idea that these floors have a natural look. In most cases, it mimics hardwood or ceramics. These floors provide great comfort along with amazing vibes. No doubt they are most comfy. As compared to other floors, these floors are accessible at less price. Perhaps this is one of the best facts about vinyl planks.


All these interesting facts might trigger you for an urgent home redo. It’s pretty evident that you may not know these before. Keep in mind vinyl plank flooring is reasonable as well as long-lasting. These floors are durable, safe, and waterproof. Home redo is now easier than ever before. If you are looking for some realistic looks in a fraction of the budget, buy it. These floors make your home not less than a dream palace.