Top Flooring Options To Consider For Your Home Gym

Top Flooring Options To Consider For Your Home Gym

Staying fit and healthy is of paramount importance and there is a growing trend for exercising at home. So, if you are planning to set up a home gym, then here’s some top tips about which flooring to choose.

Gym flooring needs to be durable enough to bear the impact of the rigorous routine and heavy equipment. It needs to be scratch resistant and also easy to clean.

A little cushioning is required so that it’s easy on your joints, feet and back. Perfect traction is crucial to avoid slipping incidents and injury.

There are numerous options available, a few of them are permanent flooring replacements whilst others are temporary, removable solutions such as rolls and mats.

So now let’s get the ball rolling and look at some of the best materials that gym enthusiasts can consider for their home gym.

Vinyl Flooring

Luxury vinyl flooring ticks most boxes required to become an ideal gym flooring option. Constructed using the latest technology, modern day vinyl tiles and planks are scratch resistant and durable.

spc vinyl flooring

We recommend waterproof or water resistant click vinyl flooring. It will ensure that one can wipe away the sweat after exercising and clean it easily.

The click lock system makes it quick and easy to install. It can be installed over the existing flooring and an underlay can be used to provide cushioning. Some brands of product also come ith the underlay built-in, saving time and money.

Whether you plan to set up your gym in the living area, basement or garage, spc vinyl flooring can solve the purpose and can offer a permanent solution.

Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered wood flooring offers a strong, durable and permanent solution for setting up a gym. It can be installed anywhere, even in the basement.

They are constructed from a solid wood top layer, providing all the aesthetic and texture benefits of a real wood floor, but with a composite core of multilayered plywood, which lends strength and stability. This makes the flooring an excellent choice to do weights and other exercises. Heavy gym equipment can also be used on the floor.

Engineered wood flooring can also be laid in areas prone to moisture and temperature fluctuations as they don’t warp or swell as solid wood does.

Engineered Wood Flooring

Oak engineered flooring comes in numerous textures and colours, making it a great option for a home gym.

You can also consider a lacquered finish for extra water resistance, which can be an advantage in an areas of exercise to keep the gym floor safe from spills and sweat.

For all types of popular flooring materials such as engineered wood, vinyl, 12 mm laminate flooring and more, visit One Step Beyond Flooring Warehouse. They have an extensive range of styles and finishes to ensure that you can find out the best option to match your requirements.

Rubber Rolls, Mats & Tiles

Rubber flooring is another great option for the home gym. Rubber rolls and mats are available in various sizes and thickness options.

Rubber tiles are also popular among homeowners for setting up their workout space. They can be interlocked and hence are super easy to install anywhere.

Rubber flooring is durable, offer traction and has shock absorbing quality. Any type of gym equipment can be used on the surface without thinking twice.

Rubber tiles are versatile and easiest to put together like puzzle pieces.

Foam Mats & Tiles

The home gym area can also be covered with foam mats or tiles. Foam is an ideal material to provide cushioning. It lets one perform exercises, such as strength training, without the fear of getting hurt. It is very comfortable for doing Yoga.

The interlocking foam tiles are hassle free to install. It’s fun to cover your workout space with these tiles as if solving a big puzzle!

The downside of using foam tiles is that they are less durable than rubber. Also, this type of material is not suitable for keeping heavy gym equipment.

Hope after reading the article, you will be able to select the best flooring material for your home gym, which can bear the impact of your workout routine and heavy equipment.