Wall Clocks Are One Of The Major Assets Of Your Walls, Don’t Miss Out On These Amazing Collections

Wooden Wall Clock

Wall clocks set a certain class and sophistication for your wall. Paintings and wall hangings surely do their work well, but wooden wall clocks have their own charm.  Wall clocks are an amalgamation of orthodox and unorthodox décor which tells time as well as completes a wall.  Core house decorators still prefer wall clocks over smartphones for a quick glance at the time. Many of us do not prefer modern-looking clocks, but only traditional ones. On the other hand, the house owners with contemporary taste prefer unique and modern design. Wallmantra has taken the concept of designer wall clocks a notch higher by catering to both old and new.

Clocks are more than just decorative objects. It serves us in more than one way; first, it retains the same loyalty and ingenuity by telling us time, secondly, it bejewels wall like no other. We still admire the presence of a clock on our wall, but we expect something different from the usual. We look for a design that would complement our newly renovated wall or our new home. Wallmantra has successfully deciphered such complex minds and brings to you a range of wall clocks of unique appearance designed in a modern way yet belonging to the traditional theme.

Shop your choice of designer wall clock from the following:

1. Premium Mirror Big Wall Clock

This amazing clock is an exceptional blend of the wall clock and a mirror. It serves in a multi-way by acting as a quick check mirror when placed in the living room, and of course as a designer wall clock. This exquisitely designed modern wall clock could be your favorite addition to the designer wall. The size of the clock is pretty big which gives a majestic touch to the walls. You need not require huge paintings or other wall art ones you get this.

2. Minimalist Gardenia Big Wall Clock

An exquisitely designed wooden pendulum clock is definitely a head-turner. It looks minimalist that it actually defines class in an eccentric way. Works best in office spaces or if you have a room specifically dedicated to office works and meetings. It can also be a great gifting option for corporate events. The design is sober and sophisticated, which gives a distinct touch to the wall where it’s hung.

3. Wall Clock For Living Room In Loops

If you consider your decor different from others, you must know that this wall clock is a perfect addition to your style. This clock comes in the designer loop made of MDF wood. If you are searching for something totally different, yet minimal, this is what you need. It befits a light-colored wall and makes it look impressive. You can also place it in your bedroom wall or study room wall as it can look great anywhere.

4. Roman Number Decorative Wall Clock

Are you more inclined to the vintage side? This particular clock has the old and golden days written all over it. The roman numeric is symbolic of the finest era of aesthetics and sophistication. This vintage wall clock can lighten up your wall with its alluring appearance and prominent numbers. It could be a perfect gift for someone who loves old school. Its simplicity and traditional roots complement minimal décor the best way.

5. Designer Big Pendulum Wall Clock

This pendulum wall clock is a statement maker. It is made of birch wood and hand-painted with high-quality paints. The look and feel of the clock is totally out-of-the-box. It can make infuse any wall with a richer appearance. This unique wooden accent leaves everyone awestruck and you simply can’t deny its classy appearance. Place it against your favorite wall and get enamored by its presence.


These are a few of our favorite picks of designer and modern wall clocks which you can find only at Wallmantra. These amazing clocks are designed by expert artisans who are keen on the choices of the customers and only cater to the upgraded choices. Apart from wooden clocks, Wallmantra has a range of DIY/3D wall clocks for customers who want to be experimental. If you’re into the old days, here’s good news! Wallmantra has a range of antique wooden wall clocks which you might not find anywhere else. Explore unique designs and concepts only at Wallmantra, today! Grab exciting deals and offers before it’s too late. Get only genuine products handcrafted and packed with great care so that it reaches you in its prime condition no matter from which part of the country you place the order. All our items make for amazing corporate gifts as well as casual gifts for friends and family. Make them appreciate your taste with such amazing presents. Whatever the clock you select and buy, you should be careful. A well-planned shopping and clock placement will always be helpful for you. It will make your monetary investment fruitful and beneficial for you.