What Are the Differences Between Car Services And MOT Test?

Car Services And MOT Test

If you are a car owner situated in the UK, you are obligated to have your vehicle annually MOT tested to ensure it is roadworthy. Cars older than three years are fined heavily and even confiscated by the government if driven without a valid MOT test in the past 12 months. This test is crucial to ensure your motor vehicle conforms to the Ministry of Transportation’s safety standards and maintains the functionality of the car sustainably. However, most people confuse MOT testing with standard car servicing even though the two are vastly different, and their maintenance protocols are based upon different merits. This article will look into the differences between the two services to improve your understanding of what your car needs versus what your car requires. There are plenty of MOT Aldridge services available, and you can make an appointment promptly.

What is MOT testing?

MOT testing refers to the policymakers’ protocols in the UK to ensure that every vehicle on the road meets a set of criteria to be regarded as road-friendly. As a result, the strict MOT testing regulations have led to a decrease in road accidents. In MOT testing, professional looks at all the car’s essential parts, such as the brake suspensions, lights, and engine oil. Upon the results, he makes replacements and repairs to keep the vehicle up to speed with the government’s regulations.

What is Car Serving?

Unlike MOT testing, no car owner is obligated by law to get their vehicle serviced in a restricted timeframe. This is usually an independent service people avail when they feel that their car might not be functioning as it should be. When you take your car for serving at an automobile shop, the problems detected in the car after the examination are cross-checked against the manufacturer’s manual, and adjustments are made according to that.  Most garages differ from each other, so you might even expect several services offered in a particular automobile shop that others don’t provide.

Difference between MOT test and car services

While MOT tests follow a standard set of protocols set by the government for every examination, car services, on the other hand, often differ from garage to garage. You can expect different equipment and procedures every time you take your car for servicing, but there are no such surprises with an MOT test. Most car services cover all, if not most of MOT testing areas, such as tyres, brakes, and safety systems, and offer additional services on top of that. A car service is much more comprehensive than MOT testing and provides features like changing tyre rims, engine oil, fuel, and air filters typically not offered by MOT tests.

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The bottom line

While these two services to look like luxury cars are vastly different with a slight overlap, it is wise to note that you should take your vehicle for an annual MOT test and car service to ensure everything is in order. This can prevent life-threatening accidents from occurring and protect the health of your loved ones.