5 Proven Ways to Avoid Fake News about Punjab

Media has gone rampant in modern times. Specifically, the inception of social media has made things exciting. But, it’s unfortunate that people in modern times are not feeling the responsibility while publishing news. In fact, media has become a mode of business. Specifically, these media groups are spreading fake news to get quick attention.

On the other hand, real news enthusiasts are struggling. Most importantly, fake news is affecting the lives of many. On such occasions, most people want to know modes of getting real Punjabi news that is reliable. In this context, the following recommendations can be excellent to obtain trustworthy latest Punjabi news.

Follow local newspapers

Local newspapers are always the most reliable way of getting the news. Most importantly, these are thoroughly registered. This is the reason that they are responsible in nature. Above all, they can’t just get away with complaints if anything appears. They deal with all complaints. In fact, they inform about the sources of their news collection thoroughly. A digital platform may simply delete or discard the publication, which is impossible with newspapers. All in all, newspapers are the most reliable ways to collect the latest Punjabi news.

News sites with Google news approval

There are thousands of Punjabi news platforms one can explore over the web. However, not all these are certainly trustworthy. But, this also doesn’t mean all-digital news sites are unreliable. How to find reliable news sites? The simplest answer is to trust upon sites with google news approval. Moreover, these sites are the ones that appear when one clicks on the ‘News’ section on the Google page. One may specifically look for Punjab news over here. The best part, Google news is the most reliable way of collecting the latest news.

Through prominent TV news channels

There are many news channels one can find on TV. However, for the latest reliable Punjabi news, one needs to trust only prominent TV channels. Specifically, one should trust only those TV channels with proper state media licenses. Moreover, only these channels take responsibility for the things they broadcast. In fact, the journalists working for them do hold proper degrees in journalism study. In short, only these channels are reliable from the perspective of obtaining the latest correct news.

Through official apps of certified news platforms

Fake news can invade your device through multiple sources. However, it’s quite impossible to screen those out when someone takes the online sites into account. In fact, they appear on other sites, sometimes paying for it. Needless is to say, about social media, these are just rampant. Most importantly, the news of an authentic platform sometimes doesn’t appear at all. But, upon downloading the official app of these authentic sites, one can get news straight into the device. The best part, this is the most effective way of avoiding fake news.

Official pages on social media

It’s quite impractical to avoid social media these days. However, the irony is that social media is the source of most of the fake news. It’s quite obvious as the constraints are less over these platforms. But, one can stick with only the authentic or official pages to avoid illicit or fake news. How to identify these official pages? The answer is simple; one has to just find the blue tick with the name of that specific news platform. Moreover, this blue tick is the mark of verification. There might be various sites with the same name trying to deceive. But, rather than trusting random ones, one should look for only that with a verification mark.

So, these are the most reliable ways one can trust to collect the latest news. Above all, following these, one can stay away from fake news.