Cute things guys do that girls love

Every couple has their own priorities. Every couple make efforts to make their partner happy and make them feel special. When it comes to love boys are ones more shy because they have been told from the beginning that men don’t cry and they are strong as rock no matter what…This is the reason why men hesitate when it comes to show the feelings. But that is another reason God made males and females meant to be together. So that, females fill them with love and teach them. There are a lot of situations which made them cry but they are not supposed to show it because they have never been taught to show it. But when a girl comes in his life, his whole world just flips. He started getting along with the girl started to understanding the feelings. This is when the cute gestures take place. Boys are the cutest when it comes to show cute gestures. They could be a baby when they are needy. They will made you watch them play fortnite. I’m gonna tell you a few cute things guys do that girls love.
1. Roll sleeves
When guys rolls over sleeves, they look so hot whether they are in sweatshirt or dress shirt.

2. White shirt
Guys look super hot when they wears a white dress shirt with a dress pants.

3. When they open the door for us
Girls absolutely adores it when guys offers a door to them. No matter it’s the door of car or any other door. This one is the cutest thing guys do that girls love.

4. Call us beautiful when we woke up in the morning
Girls always want to be the best when it comes to appearance no matter the time and to make them feel beautiful guys calls them beautiful right after when they open their eyes in the morning.

5. Makes us food
Our society has made this difference between males and females that this girl’s duty boys are not supposed to perform that…..But girls love it when their partner cooks them food. It’s a cutest thing guys do that girls love. Beacuse the gesture makes them feel like they are equal to them.

6. Take us shopping
What to wear? Is always been a major problem to every girl. It just frustrates them but when guys takes them shopping it excites us and help us what to wear is the cutest thing guys do that girls love.

7.Listening to us carefully
We want our partners to pay the most attention to us. We want them to listen to us carefully, We deserve the attention we want.

8. When they offers us their coat
We likes to look good when it comes to date nights. So we wears the cleavage short dress and we love it when we are cold and you offers your coat to us.

9. When they smile at us
Our heart just melts when you guys just look at us and simply smiles. Because it makes our day.

10. When you take care of us in our periods
We love it when you understand our state when we are on our period and rub our back just to calm those acute pains an d bring us chocolates. As you all don’t actually know what is going on is the cutest thing guys do that girls love because we are going through a lot during these days.

11. When you smells good
Girls love it when you smells nice and maintain yourself.

12. Muscular body
Girls are attracted by the muscular body. They prefer a muscular man than a lean man.

13. When you let them wear your sweater
Girls loves wearing their partner clothes because they smells like them and they always wanna be closer to them. Wearing their clothes makes them feel closer to them which is the cutest thing guys do that girls love.

14. Wrapping your hand around our waist
We just love it when you wraps your hand around our waist in a public place, which proclaims that we are belongs to you.

We love every gesture you made for us and we notices everything you do for us. You guys are the cutest when it comes to love.