Home Remodel Tips: 7 Ways To Keep Costs Down

A home remodel project is a great way to freshen up and overhaul your living space. Between changing the look and adding practical elements, there’s nothing that isn’t appealing about a home remodel—except, of course, the price tag. It’s a big project that will often require quite a bit of funding. The good news is that there are numerous ways to keep the costs down to a reasonable level.

Create a thorough plan

If you’re going to go through with a home remodel, you need to create and stick to an exact plan. Plenty of homeowners make the mistake of winging it and choosing one new element after another. Not only does this complicate the process, but it also makes it difficult to determine exactly how much the home remodel will cost.

If you decide to add some new elements on the fly, you’ll have to discuss it with contractors, schedule the changes, and get them done on time. Unfortunately, delays are inevitable, and if you don’t have a scheduled pre-planned, you’re most likely going to pay more for every delay or slow day.

With a good plan, you’ll be able to account for delays and complete every one of your desired overhauls on time. Make sure you know exactly what changes you want to introduce and write them all down. You’re going to thanks yourself at the end when the costs are close to what you predicted they would be.

Get multiple quotes

Shopping around can help you get the best price for any kind of commodity, so it’s no surprise that this also applies to home remodels. Plenty of renovators only look for quotes in one spot based on a recommendation and end up paying more than they have to. Don’t get us wrong—recommendations are a great way to get work done properly. In fact, you should ask around for people that have done home remodels recently and get multiple recommendations.

At the same time, you should look for multiple quotes by yourself to get a good idea of the overall costs. Go around town and make some calls to see what kind of range you’re dealing with when it comes to quotes. Don’t always settle for the cheapest quote, as there might be a reason it’s the cheapest option available—which might not suit your home’s needs.

Get some DIY work done

The biggest cost of home remodels is labour more often than not. The professionals that complete your renovations will incur a high cost for their services. While they might be essential for certain kinds of jobs, such as electrical or plastering, that doesn’t mean that you have to hire pros to deal with every part of your remodel. There are lots of things you can do on your own if you have the patience and determination.

Paintjobs and rendering are great options to DIY. You can simply find an online guide to doing these tasks and complete them yourself. Some forms of tiling are pretty simple as well. As long as you’re confident in your ability to follow instructions, you can complete plenty of these tasks with ease. Just make sure to leave the delicate and tough jobs to those who have years of experience doing them.

Mix standard and high-end options

While high-quality materials and sets often imply high costs, this isn’t always true. In some cases, you’ll find that the standard and high-end options are pretty much the same, with some differences in decoration and finishes. It would be wise to mix them in clever ways to keep your costs down.

Some parts of a cheap kitchen suite could suit a fancy kitchen just fine. Standard unit and shelf fronts are rarely the backbones of a good design, so you don’t have to spend a lot of money on them. You can install fancy worktops, handles, fixtures, and lighting, while also saving money on the elements that aren’t as striking. With a good mix and mash of options, you can keep the costs significantly lower while also getting the best possible look out of a design.

Wait for yearly sales

There’s nothing like a good sale to bring costs down. Many manufacturers and tool shops offer seasonal and yearly sales for their products and materials. It’s the perfect opportunity for someone doing a remodel. Whether you’re aiming for pro work or DIY, you have to spend quite a bit on materials, and a sale could be the ticket to lower costs.

If you’re not in a rush to complete your home remodel, you should definitely wait for sales. Aim to start your renovations around big holidays, as that’s when it’s most likely that there will be a sale on various things, including materials and tools.

Clean efficiently

Homeowners often focus on the costs of the remodel itself without considering what comes afterwards—a thorough cleaning. While it may seem like the easiest part of the project, it can still cost you quite a bit. Depending on the parts of the renovation, you might be dealing with lots of debris, dust, and stains from various tasks.

While lots of people choose to take care of cleaning on their own, this is one situation in which going for a DIY job might not be the cheapest or most efficient option. to start with, you’ll need cleaning supplies. For any sturdy stains and spots, you’ll need strong cleaning agents. One might not be expensive, but they add up quickly, and you’ll need multiple. Worst of all, it would take quite a bit of time to get everything spick and span, and even then you might not have covered everything that needs to be cleaned.

It would be much cheaper and more efficient to enlist some outside help with this task. Finding professional house cleaning services is much easier than hunting for cleaning supplies and doing the cleaning yourself. Not to mention, a service cleans much quicker than the average person, letting you complete the remodel days sooner than you would otherwise.

Reuse materials

When renovating your home, you’d be surprised how many things can be repurposed. It’s not just furniture and items that have reuse value. Various construction materials can be useful as well if they’re applied correctly.

If the home remodel coincides with the demolition or redecoration of an old house, it would be smart to consider materials from that site. Make a deal to reuse bricks if you plan to add something to your home. Repurposing them is much cheaper than getting new ones. Roof tiles and slates are other great options. It’s not uncommon for roof replacements to remove tiles that are perfectly functional and durable.


A house remodel might be an expensive endeavour, but you don’t have to add additional costs to it. With the right plan, some DIY work, and a few contacts, you can take care of the project in record time without using too much of your budget.