Simple Ways To Add Or Remove Strikethrough On Google Docs

If you are like me, then it is normal to feel doubtful while writing.
Could I write this sentence better? Or should I remove this part? Are common beliefs that run by any writer’s mind. Luckily, Google Docs has the means to fight risk without having to remove the text forever.
How to Strikethrough on Google Docs lets users pick a line by a piece of text. That way, if you need to overlook features of your document, you can do so and still use that data later.

How to strikethrough in Google Docs

Many people will admit that one of the most challenging parts of writing is editing; though, if you cannot hit delete, learn how to use Strikethrough to show which elements should be overlooked.
For more traits on how to Strikethrough on Google Docs, regard this step-by-step guide:

Choose and highlight the text.

To begin, choose the part of the text you would prefer to form a line through. From there, move your cursor over the text so that the part is highlighted.

Click Format in the toolbar.

Following, locate the toolbar that is located horizontally over the top of the page. Next, run your cursor to the Format button and click.

Hang your cursor across the Text button and pick Strikethrough.

As you click on Format, a drop-down menu should arrive. From that list of choices, hang your cursor over the Text button. From there, a special pop-up menu will come. Finally, I prefer the choice labeled Strikethrough.

Strikethrough specialist

Do not let your indecisiveness get the most beneficial of you while editing in Google Docs. Now that you know how to perform Strikethrough, you can ignore some parts of your document and keep them around for later.

How to Remove Strikethrough on Google Docs By a PC Browser

If you are using Google Docs on a PC browser, you have two choices for excluding Strikethrough. You can each do it with the menu or a keyboard shortcut. Let us begin with the usual way of applying the menu:

Choose the text where you need to remove the Strikethrough.

Open the Format menu
Click on Text.
Click on Strikethrough.

Once again, the very strikethrough choice works on and off. It will automatically exclude Strikethrough from the chosen part. There is a quicker way to do it. But, of course, we are talking about keyboard shortcuts, and they are a bit complex relying on the running system.

How to Strikethrough Text in Google Docs on Mobile

If you are writing on the go, you can add strikethrough text to your Google Docs from your mobile device. The steps are a little diverse, but it is just as simple to do so. Install the Google Docs app from either the App Store for iOS devices or Google Play for Android devices means if you do not have this application already. Then catch this step-by-step walkthrough to add strikethrough text to your Google Doc on mobile.

Step 1: Open Your Document

Once you are logged in, open the Google Doc. You need to add strikethrough text by just tapping on it.

Step 2: Highlight the Text

Double-tap a term and move the blue markers that arrive to choose more text.

Step 3: Format the Text

Following, touch the Format button as shown below.

Step 4: Choose the Strikethrough Option

After tapping the Format button, you will see new choices to customize the text. Then tap the strikethrough button as shown below.

Step 5: Double-Check Your Text

After following the steps up, the text you picked should now have a line by it.

Why Writers Use the Strikethrough Text Alternative

The strikethrough text option is extra tool writers have in their toolkit.

But when is it reliable to use it?

The primary purpose of the strikethrough text option is to take the reader’s attention, I mean, show a succession of emerging ideas. It is related to how brands use a mixture of colors to attract more eyes.

You may also see strikethrough text when viewing articles online from a news outlet. This means that a part of the text was changed after the original was then posted. If this occurs, media outlets will add a note to the article to show that changes have been made and give the original text with a strikethrough. In some cases, it is helpful if the writer thinks that the reader must see two opposing yet interrelated ideas. These ideas may look to develop in real-time. Strikethroughs can make the work more intimate, as if it is a liquid train of knowledge from the writer to the page.

Final Thoughts

As you can view, adding how to strikethrough on google docs is very simple to do — you can edit text formatting choices from the Format and Text menu or use an easy keyboard shortcut whether you are a Mac or a Windows user. With strikethrough text, you can renew enduring articles and still leave the original text, or you can use it more playfully. But as with any formatting option, you will need to use strikethrough text sparingly. Otherwise, it will drop its impact if you use it too much. Google Docs is a great writing tool. It gives traits like auto-saving, real-time collaboration, report tracking, and many more.