Interesting Information One Should Know About Their Car Tyres

Car Tyres

If you look closely, there are many exciting parts of a vehicle often ignored by the people who claim to be the most prominent car enthusiast. Tyres are one of them. If we go to people and ask them about what they know about car tyres, they may only be able to list out a few things present on the car tyres’ sidewalls. That is not it about tyres.

Tyres have so much to be studied about. After all, tyres are that part of your car which act as a mediator or connector between your vehicle and roads. Every car is equally important, but tyres are given less importance when compared to some other prominent parts of the vehicles, such as brakes and gears. Let us learn about some interesting facts related to tyres.

Are Car Tyres Recyclable?

The answer to this question is yes. Tyres are made of natural rubber. Natural rubber is a scarce and valuable resource of the earth. Once the tyres Edgware are destroyed, the rubber can be used for various purposes, such as roads, playground flooring, shoes, etc.

If we can recycle anything at this time, we must do that with total efficiency. As we know, the resources are less, and the demand is more. That is why it becomes necessary for us to recycle resources such as rubber which are scarce and precious.

The man behind the invention of car tyres

It is a very rarely known fact that behind the tyre’s invention was Mr Robert William Thomson. John Dunlop is known as the inventor of the tyres. Still, he may be referred to as the tyres’ re-inventor because the pneumatic tyre was patented by Scotland’s most prolific inventor Mr Robert William Thompson. It is largely forgotten today, but he is behind the invention of the tyres.

Tyres were invented on 10th December 1845. It was one of the most significant inventions of that era.

Can tyres run even after getting punctured?

It is dangerous to run the vehicle after the tyre is punctured. The standard Bridgestone Tyres Edgware that comes with the cars is advised to get fixed before getting back on the car and ready to run again if they are punctured.

Not everyone knows that a certain kind of tyre can run for 50 miles after being punctured. They are known as ‘run flat’ tyres. Expensive and imported vehicles such as BMW are equipped with run-flat tyres.

A most expensive set of tyres

Speed does not come cheap. A Dubai based company holds the record of manufacturing the costliest tyres in the world. Their tyres cost a whopping USD 6,00,000 for a set of 4 tyres. You may be wondering, are these tyres made of gold? Yes. The tyres are clothed with 24-carat gold and diamonds.

Before this Dubai based company, Michelin’s Bugatti Veyron held the record of costliest tyres. Their tyres cost around USD 42,000. These tyres run at an enormous speed of over 248 miles per hour. Michelin successfully delivered the costliest tyres to match the same speed as Bugatti Veyron’s.

The largest manufacturer of tyres

This is the most exciting part of this article. The largest manufacturer of tyres is a company that manufactures miniature tyres. Now you may start thinking of names of famous companies, and you may rightly think of that company as the largest manufacturer of tyres.

Indeed, you wouldn’t think of Lego as the largest manufacturer of tyres. Yes, Lego makes tyres for Toy vehicles. Still, the tyres are made of rubber, and therefore, LEGO is considered the largest manufacturer of tyres in the world. Lego manufactures around 700 million tyres every year, leaving behind many big tyre manufacturing companies.