Know The Drug Testing For Transportation Companies

transportation company drug testing NY

The requirements that are applied to New York State for drug testing for transportation industry jobs is quite strict. A number of employees who are performing functions in the transport sector such as receiving and transporting cargoes may be subject to random drug screening. New York State employers who require random drug testing will make an effort to determine which tests are more appropriate than others. There is no minimum amount of drug residue that needs to be present for a drug testing for transportation position.

Drug abuse is a common concern with transport employees

Some employees are more likely to become abusers of certain drugs than others. It may be that one employee performs well on tests, while another performs poorly. This can affect the decision made by an employer to hire an individual with drug problems. Those who are in the drug testing for transportation category must always perform the drug test on the side of caution. An employee may have many reasons for performing a drug test. Reasons such as suspicion of drug use, and over time drug problem, or because of past complaints of drug abuse may make a person a subject of a random drug test.

transportation company drug testing NY


There are several different kinds of tests that are applied to people who are subjected to drug testing for transportation jobs. One of the most popular and effective tests is the urine drug screen. In this procedure, an employee is mildly dehydrated and then is injected with a small amount of a drug. Once the substance passes through the blood stream, the results will be visible on a monitor.

One of the most popular methods of drug testing involves the hair follicle extractions. This method can be used on people who smoke marijuana and other drugs that are smoked, and it may also be used on people who drink alcohol. When a substance is injected into the person’s arm, there may be some redness and swelling at the injection site for about ten days. After this period, the monitor will show the result.

These drug tests have been conducted on drivers before driving

Drug tests may also be performed on drivers by companies that want to check whether they have taken drugs before driving. A roadside drug test can be administered before any trip, by showing the driver a container of suspected drugs, and determining whether he or she has used these before driving the company vehicle. Some companies may choose not to administer any tests at all, stating that it is a legal requirement for employees to take an alcohol or drug test first. However, the fact is that these tests are considered legal in most states and can prevent employees from being given drugs by an employer for any legal or personal reason.

If you’re an employee in this industry, you should know that there are many different tests available for you to take. Many employers choose to administer their own drug screening tests, which may not result in the individual’s being put under arrest. If the employee tests positive for drugs, however, he or she should be informed about this fact and be told what to expect from future drug screenings. Information in this way can help prevent employees from using drugs again while on the job, or from bringing other illegal substances with them.

Drug testing for transportation is nothing new, as many large companies have been implementing this method for some time now. If you think that your job may require drug screening, or that your company may be requiring it, contact a criminal defense lawyer to find out more information. The results of the testing can help determine whether a defendant’s sentence should be reduced or thrown out, depending on the circumstances surrounding his or her arrest. Having this evidence can greatly improve a person’s chances of avoiding long-term prison time, as well as substance abuse charges that can come down the road. Your lawyer can tell you more if you have any concerns about your employer’s drug testing policy. There are several agencies that have been conducting transportation company drug testing in NY, one can visit one of them like