Best Motivational Story in english, successful [ 2021]

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Best Motivational Story in english, successful [ 2021]

Someone asked me what happens by reading a motivational story
I answered that by reading the
motivational story , we get to know the mistakes of others so that we do not make mistakes, so
read more and more motivational story  sad shayari

1. lost but won by himself

Hello friends and welcome to all of
you today, I am telling you such motivational stories that after reading
If your energy is not the same, then let’s
start the motivational story without wasting your time.

There was a boy named Harish, he was very fond of running
He had participated in many marathons
but he did not complete any race.
One day he decided that whatever happens, he will definitely complete the race.
Now the race started  motivational quotes in Hindi

Best Motivational Story in english,

Harish also started running slowly 2
all runners were coming forward
but now Harish was tired
he stopped
then he said to himself if I can’t run
At least I can walk,
he did the same, he
started walking slowly but he was definitely moving forward,
now he was very tired
and fell down.Motivational Story in english,

He told himself that
he will do the race today, he will definitely complete it. Having stubbornly
stepped back and started to move forward and eventually he finished the
race, he believed that he had lost the race
but today his confidence was at its peak because before today
race ever was could not be completed
on the land had was
because his legs muscles in a stretch had
but today he was very happy
today he will also lose Motivational Story in english,

Motivational Story in english, successful

Friends, we also make this kind of mistake,
if there is any problem in our life, then do not do that work and leave it
if you are a student and study for 10 hr every
day and the reason for any problem someday. You do not study, but
even if you should
get 5 hr, you should learn from Harish’s story that we get to learn that if we
keep going forward then one day we
will win even after losing and keep taking Motivational Story in english,

small steps and keep moving forward.
This is the rule of success

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