Newborn Photography

Newborn Photography

Newborn Photography

Newborn photography are currently very popular in newborn photography sessions. And it’s no wonder! Many prop suppliers offer many props that really add the finishing touches to your photos. I have spent a lot of time looking for beautiful newborn photography props and have created a list of my favorites for you. I hope it helps you take beautiful photos!Woman in Black Long Sleeve Shirt Carrying Baby in White and Blue Onesie

10 Newborn Photography Props You’ll Need

1. Tie

This has to be the most popular newborn photography prop. I own many of these. In many different colors and textures, and I usually find that it’s best to have a few ties in each color to match the rest of your accessories.

2. flokati rugs

I have several of these beautiful rugs, and I swear by them in every photo shoot. They add wonderful texture to every photo I take and come in so many beautiful colors. Flokati rugs are so classic and beautiful that newborns love to snuggle up in them.

3. Stretchy wraps

I own several  wrap cloths and use them at every newborn shoot. The wraps are perfect for use at the beginning of each session. In general, most new baby like to be wrapped up. If your newborn is unstable, then using a wrap is the best way to keep him comfortable. Elastic wraps come in many beautiful colors, and I always make sure I have plenty of choices for each newborn photo shoot. See more…

4. Blankets and plaids

Blankets are used to cover babies. It can be used to cover bean bags for those beautiful up-close photos and can really make the photos come alive. Blankets can be used under a newborn as a nice layer to add texture. Blankets and blankets should be cleaned at the end of the shoot if they are soiled by the newborn. My favorite places to find blankets are Tuesday Morning, Home Depot and TJ Maxx.

5. knitted hats

I am a hat addict! Knitted hats are a wonderful addition to a newborn session. When I take the first photo, I usually put a cute little knitted hat on my newborn. The hats I use are stretchy and very soft. Handmade items like knitted hats really add a wonderful organic touch to your newborn session. My favorite hat maker is After the Bulge.

6. Wooden bowls

I own several beautiful wooden bowls that come in many different sizes and textures. Brown, pink, rose, blue – wooden bowls come in many different designs and colors. Wooden bowls are great for holding your favorite newborn photography props. They are definitely one of the most used props I own, and my favorite bowl manufacturer is Amazon.

7. Fluffy dream layers

These are the most divine props you can own! They are soft and beautiful and are made of… They are soft and beautiful and are made of merino wool. So perfect for a little newborn to lay on! I own several fluffy dreamy layers. I own many furry dream layers in beautiful colors and people always ask me where I got them. They are one of the most beautiful newborn photography props. 8.

8. elastic headbands

Like ties, elastic headbands are one of the most popular newborn photography props. They are easy to use and the headband can easily slide over the newborn’s head. If you’re not quite sure about using a tie, be sure to use some elastic headbands in your session. They are one of the most used props in newborn photography.

9. Newborn sets

Another one of my favorite props for newborn photography. There are many different newborn kits from different vendors, but I love Macys’ kits. They use beautiful recycled fabrics, laces and ribbons to make the cutest bottoms, hats and headbands. Newborn sets are so cute on newborns and are a must add to your collection of newborn props.

10. felt blankets

These felt blankets are beautiful and very popular right now. They are made of beautiful natural wool and come in many different colors and textures and are made of felt. These blankets are handmade and add a beautiful finishing touch to your newborn photography session. When you place your newborn on the blanket, it really completes your image They are one of my most used blankets. They are one of my most used props in newborn photography.