Top 3 Carpet Cleaning Types By Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

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Professional Carpet Cleaning

Regular cleaning is essential for households since it helps in removing dust, dirt, and germs. In fact, there are few surfaces in households that retain dirt and grease like no other; carpet is one of them. Carpets not just get dirty and grim with time, they also harbor germs. So, it is not just the beauty and décor of your home that is affected; the health of the residents is also affected. So, you need to call a professional carpet cleaning service. Such a service can ensure that you don’t have to put up with a dirty and unhealthy carpet for a long time.

Regular Carpet Cleaning

Carpets don’t get soiled and dirty just occasionally; they acquire dirt every passing day. So, if you want to keep the carpet clean, you need to clean them regularly. However, it is not possible for households to clean carpets regularly since carpet cleaning is not easy. It requires professional intervention to clean a carpet thoroughly. So, make sure to hire a professional carpet cleaning service for regular cleaning of all carpets in your home.

Types of Carpet Cleaning

Steam Cleaning

Steam is one of the most frequently used media for cleaning carpets. It is eco-friendly and can clean carpets thoroughly. It can remove dust, stain as well as odor. Steam gets into the pores easily and removes all the dirt. It can remove the obstinate stains as well as pet odor. While chemical cleaning may leave chemical residue even after a thorough cleaning, steam cleaning does not come with any such drawback. There is no residue left after steam cleaning. Chemical residues can affect the health of inmates and precipitate breathing problems. This is why most households make it a point that cleaning should be done with steam only. The only drawback of steam cleaning is that it takes time for the carpet to dry up completely. It may take a minimum of 8 hours for the carpet to dry up completely. Moreover, steam cleaning requires using a lot of water.

Chemical Cleaning

Chemical cleaning involves using chemicals to remove dirt from the carpet. These chemicals are also known as “dry” shampoo. Such a treatment is not completely dry but does use a significantly less amount of water. So, when you get your carpets cleaned chemically, the carpets dry much faster compared to steam cleaned carpets.

On the flip side, chemical solutions are not of much use in treating deep stains. Moreover, it may leave a chemical residue that can be harmful to your health.


Customized Cleaning

A carpet cleaning service that takes into account the present condition of the carpet and does a customized cleaning can be the best bet for you. Such a service will do a pre-inspection of the carpet and decide on the type of cleaning, i.e. deep cleaning, wool cleaning, or meticulous cleaning depending on the condition of the carpet.


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It is a good idea to engage a professional carpet cleaning service which offers customized cleaning solution depending on inspection. This can give you the best cleaning with the least health hazard