Time For Home Renovation! Ultimate Guide To choose Best Bathroom Flooring

There is no such thing as enchanting and worth considering as choosing the right flooring for your entire home decoration, be it for renovation or flooring from scratch – when buying a new house the first time!

People look for the best ideas, approach many floor experts, architects to make their living lounge unique and ideal. They go for the wooden floor, the oakwood floor, and many, but many lessen their passion for bathroom flooring, assuming why to spend much money on bathroom flooring?

After all, it’s also a significant part of your house, especially the guest bathroom that catches wide attention by different people; tell me if I am wrong. Regarding this, I will share a complete detailed guide on choosing the best bathroom tile flooring, from tips for choosing the best ones to types of flooring, and we’ll also shed light on some best bathroom flooring ideas within budget!

Let’s begin with the base, how to choose the best bathroom flooring tile.

Choose the Best Bathroom Flooring

When it comes to choosing any specific flooring tile, then there are many advantages and disadvantages to every product out there. To make it easier for you to pick the best one, let’s discuss which one will best for your home.

There are vinyl and sheet vinyl products; both are very cost-effective. Both give a wood-like look, and it’s a big flooring sheet roll for the bathroom. On the other hand, the disadvantage of a vinyl sheet is that it doesn’t have a very heavy wear surface, so it doesn’t count in a long-term, lasting product. But the bathroom can be suitable as this place gets limited traffic, and if you happen to rip or gouge it, you have to replace the whole piece.

If we come to LVP or Tile, these products will be able to go in and change just an individual piece, so if it happens to damage a tile, you can go in and change it, whereas the Tile is tough. With that material being so rigid, even the finish doesn’t have to be overly thick on the product to increase its longevity in commercial applications such as; Mcdonald’s and other franchises that receive heavy traffic.

Moreover, if you think about Tile, it’s used in bathrooms, used pools, and showers. Since it’s a waterproof product, it can be utilized in applications again where maybe you need a nice zero entry shower into your bathroom. I will suggest you consider LVP luxury vinyl plank and luxury vinyl tiles; both give a rich look of Tile, and it provides a warmer feel, but it won’t absorb and hold the cold as Tile does since its plastic material.

If you have a complete zero walk-in shower system in your bathroom, then go for tiles as it works well for this application.

Talk on Types of Bathroom Floor Tiles Installation

Here, we’ll talk about four different bathroom flooring installations, different kinds of tiles, substrates. There are many different standards out there and many other products as far as the substrate of your bathroom floor.

On top of that, there’s a wide variety of waterproofing systems, and heated floor systems, and different sizes with styles and layout. So much to consider. The rule of thumb is, to begin with fathoming the basics. First, you need to determine;

  • What kind of project do you want to tackle?
  • Is it for new home construction?
  • Is it a residential or commercial construction project?

There are so many flooring types: plywood, herringbone, waterproofing systems, and heated floor systems. Also, there are different techniques for using floor levelers. So, when you use these tiles of different sizes like large, small, or remove the need to back butter, you can work very smoothly and cleanly to get a great result.

Once you get all the basics of different substrates and apply all the Tiles, you can start to navigate how you want to design your room understanding your ability and scope that scope you want to get involved with.

Example of Tile Installment:

Let’s suppose you choose 18 by 18 rectified porcelain; this Tile doesn’t expand and contract with varying temperatures. It allows having almost zero ground line. However, this Tile is installed almost like marble; get it in three different colors.

Take it over to the stonecutter and cut it in specific dimensions; this will be going in a pattern throughout the floor because you have a pattern on the floor. Measure everything out, drop some chalk lines, measure off the wall to wall, and see where the pattern ends; suppose the pattern is 22 and a half inches.

To conclude, while installing any floor or Tile in the bathroom, the main thing to consider is which side which pattern will expand. On which corner you need a swooping effect and which section should face the central front part.

These were specific criteria and tips for understanding the basics before installing any type of Tile or flooring to the bathroom. The purpose of sharing the example was just for clearing concept, how the measurements and things are taken into account for installing any bathroom tile. Let’s move to the best flooring ideas on a budget.

Top Budget-Friendly Bathroom Flooring Ideas

If you’re planning for a guest bathroom makeover and deciding which flooring to consider if your current Tile has got outdated and dingy, so following suggestions would be worth considering.

1.      Floor Paint:

One of the cheapest and easiest DIY updates is painting your floor or old Tile like laminate wood or vinyl. Just clean your floor and paint it. In some cases, you can also add a topcoat—many people makeover their old bathroom tile by painting with regular interior latex paint.

You can use a topcoat of polyurethane on it or update it with regular paint. You can even jazz it up with floor paint a little more and add a painted stencil design over the painted Tile.

2.      Peel & Stick Vinyl Tile

The peel and stick vinyl tile is another affordable option that is relatively easy to install. Though it cost a bit more than paint depending on the bathroom or any room size, yet it’s still something you can easily do yourself without any professional help; it can be done in a day or weekend.

After cleaning your floor, peel the backing off, and stick it down on your bed. Yes, you’ll need to make some cuts with it depending on what’s in your room. The main perk of peel and stick Tile is, it comes with many great design options.

The con is, it’s water-resistant but not waterproof, so it can’t guarantee strong durability for high traffic bathrooms.

3.      Luxury Vinyl Plank Tile

The luxury vinyl plank tile is another best option for bathroom tile flooring. It looks like natural Tile, but it’s vinyl. There’s no grout or mortar involved, and there are many waterproof options available in the market.

If you install waterproof LVP tile, it looks like a slate in a small bathroom makeover. It’s a floating vinyl floor which is nice because no glue or sticky adhesive is involved. It is effortless to install. The vinyl tiles interlock together with an interlocking tongue and groove system. the most challenging part is to interlock the Tile into the Tile above it and next to it.

Though LVP tile is a bit expansive, peel and stick vinyl tile, it’s a higher quality option and the best solution for the bathroom.