What are the best Drinks for summer?

What are the best drinks for summer

As we started welcoming summers, let yourself feel refresh and refill your body with some of the Best Drinks for Summer in order to beat the heat.

When summer comes, the temperature starts to soar high and it leaves everyone tired and fatigue. Thus, staying hydrated is one of the most essential factors to get rid of sweating and maintaining good health. Do you know that our human body tends to lose water at a faster rate due to sweating?

So, here we have suggested a bunch of best summer drinks in India that you surely do not want to miss:

1: Coconut Water:

One of the best beverages that you can consume in hot summer is Coconut water. It helps your body to feel refresh and also it is a natural coolant. Besides, it contains the essential nutrients that are required by the body and also can help you to fight the summer heat and hence reduces the body heat.

Also, consuming water is important to reduce thirst. So, you can also try some other beverages that not only satisfy your thirst but it keeps your body cool. As the summer has been come so let us refresh and replenish our body with some of the best summer beverages to fight the heat.

2: Aam Panna:

This famous beverage is been prepared with mangoes and mint leaves and this is the most popular summer drink and is very effective against heatstroke. It is a lip-smacking drink and is popular in Maharashtra. It is usually made of the king of fruits i.e Mango. This refreshing summer drink gets prepared using mango pulp, cumin, jeers, and mint leaves. This beverage will not keep you refreshed but it makes you feel refreshed and it makes you feel energized through the hot summer days.

3: Mango splash:

Well, this cooling brew gets mainly prepared with a mixture of fresh mangoes. To make this beverage tastier you can also add a few pieces of strawberry or any other fruit that you like. You can drink this beverage and keep your body feel refreshed all time.

4: Amla Juice:

You can enjoy the Amla Juice in summers the most and you can easily make it out of fresh amlas. It is also available as an Amla extract and you can easily get it from the market.

All you just need to add some salt, chat masala, black pepper powder, and thus your refreshing summer drink is ready to drink. While consuming Amla juice not only helps in managing the summer heat but it keeps your body healthy and makes your immune strong.

5: Bael Sharbat:

You might be wondering what Bael is? Well, it is a fruit i.e hard on the outside and is pulpy inside with the orangish-yellow color. You just need to break it open and put the pulp in some container. Also, you can add water and add some sugar to make it tastier.
One can also try adding it with a bit of lemon or some other fruit juices like oranges or litchi. This is also one of the best beverages that you can take on summer days.

6: Jal Jeera:

With its name, one can imagine what this drink is made of? You guess it right this drink is made by using jeera and water. When making this drink the cumin seeds and jeera is roasted and then made into coarse powder and mixed in water well. This beverage is best for people who suffer from digestion problems, especially during summers. So, this summer gulps down a chilled glass of Jal jeera and makes you refreshed.

7: Buttermilk:

The other name for buttermilk is known as Chaas and it an amazing curd-based drink that is everyone’s favorite. The beverage Chaas is known for resolving the problems of digestive problems. Besides, you can also add some spices like Jeera and it helps in enhancing the benefits for your health.

8: Sugarcane Juice:

We all are familiar that sugarcane juice is used as a natural remedy to a host of problems. Usually, it is made for the energy drink and it helps in building up plasma as well as body fluids. It mainly helps in encountering dehydration and dullness. While adding mint leaves to the juice will not only help in enhancing the taste of your summer drink but it makes you feel cool.

9: Khas-Khas Beverage:

This dark-green-colored beverage is made from Khas-Khas or poppy seeds. Similar to the other fruit drinks this beverage is also available in concentrate form in bottles. All you just need to add water and ice and then it is ready to drink. Its taste is quite sweet and you can enjoy this beverage in the summer season and make your body refreshed.

10: Lassi:

Well, what’s better than the Punjabi Lassi? This smooth refreshment is considered an amazing summer cooler. One of the best parts about is that you can easily add many variations to it from either classic to mint. So, if you haven’t tried this beverage yet then try it once and we assure you that you surely fall in love with this beverage. It also makes you feel refreshed and your body feels cool inside. You can enjoy this beverage on hot summer days.

11: Lemonade (Nimbu Pani):

Why miss the famous beverage, here we are talking about the Nimbu Pani or you can say Lemonade. It is a quick drink i.e amazingly delicious and this drink is prepared by using mint leaves, lemons, sugar, water, and salt. Moreover, you can also make use of some spices like cumin, coriander powder, and black pepper and thus make it interestingly tasty. You can drink this beverage and make your body feel fresh.

12: Watermelon Juice:

One of the best summer fruits is watermelon and what’s better is its tasty juice. This beverage is very refreshing and it contains hydrating properties and thus helps to keep your body feel hydrated and fresh.

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