Why you need RTE boxes for your brand?

Reverse Tuck End Boxes

Why you need RTE boxes for your brand?

As a company that wants to keep up with the trends to stay up to date, you need the best packaging options. The best packaging is the one that can support your product and attract your buyers at the same time. Here will talk about the reasons you should choose reverse tuck end boxes.

What are reverse tuck end boxes?

Reverse tuck end or RTE boxes are the boxes that have two reverse tuck end closures at each end. There is a tuck end at the top of the box that tucks from the rear to the front. The other tuck end at the bottom tuck from the front to the rear. Due to this property of having two tuck ends that close in reverse, they are called reverse tuck boxes. They are usually rectangular.

How reverse tuck end boxes are made?

We will now look into the steps in which these boxes with their wonderful presentation value are made.

·         Material

The material used in the manufacture of these boxes depends on the product that needs to be packed in them. reverse tuck end boxes are made with various dimensions. They can be of square or rectangular shape. The material used depends on the weight of the product and how fragile it is.

Cardstock material is used for more delicate products. These boxes are best for packaging and storing high-end products. Many items like jewelry, decoration items, and technology products like mobile phones are packaged in these boxes.

Corrugated packaging material is also often used in the making of these boxes. Corrugated boxes have multiple layers of cardboard material. The two layers on the sides are flat, whereas the one or two layers in the center are corrugated. This formation provides much more support than the cardstock material. This packaging is thus ideal for more heavy products. The strong packaging material and tight closure give a lot of safety to the items.

Kraft packaging is made of plant sources by making wood pulp into paper. Many layers of paper are then laminated together into thick strong cardboard material. This packaging apart from being strong and supportive is also eco-friendly. This can be used in packaging in all types and weights of materials. The raw brown color gives a natural touch to the packaging.

Reverse Tuck End Boxes

·         Die-cutting

The process with which they are made into their characteristic shape is known as die-cutting. In this technique, a die or a machine with sharp razors is used to cut out the selected material into shape. They are then shipped to vendors as flat sheets of cardboard. These flat sheets are folded into their characteristic shape.

·         Printing

The printing options for the custom reverse tuck end boxes depend on the type of product you are packaging. Printing and color patterns are usually selected based on branding. It is best to select colors that represent your company theme. Cardstock material is very suitable for printing vibrant and vivid colors. Kraft paper however is only suitable for darker colors. The same is the case with corrugated custom packaging as the colors are absorbed into the laminated paper layers.

·         Coating

Coating of the surface layer of the boxes can be selected from various options that best complement your product. An option for the lamination of gloss finish layer gives a nice and shiny look to the box. You can also select a matte finish to make your reverse tuck end box look sleeker and classier.

For making the prints more prominent, a variable coating can be used on the same box. Many methods are used for making prints and brand names stand out. For this purpose, there is spot UV method and aqueous coating method can be used. Both of these methods can make the texts or prints more visible.

·         Organization

Pre-made folding markers are made on the box in the form of lines. This is particularly useful when they are transported as flat sheets. The markers are made by pressing lines on the cardboard along with the points where the box should be folded. This can be done easily with a machine or hand.

Where to use reverse tuck end boxes?

The reverse tuck end boxes are ideal for custom retail products of all kinds. This packaging is highly sought out in the market for the packaging of products by many popular brands. This has caused an increase in sales of this packaging.

Reverse tuck end boxes are also sought out and preferred for gift packaging. The friction closure is easy to open and close and is also secure for the objects. You can get ready-made beautifully printed boxes to present your gifts in.

Why go for reverse tuck end boxes?

There are many useful factors for which you should opt for these boxes as your packaging options. Let us talk about why the reverse tuck end boxes are the best choice for your product.

  • The fact that reverse tuck end boxes can be transported as flat sheets gives the vendor a lot of conveniences. The flat shipping method makes the boxes take a lot less space for storage.
  • The boxes are very easy to organize with their easily foldable material. They can be easily made into shape by hand.
  • The custom reverse tuck end boxes can be used for all kinds of objects whether heavy or light. They can support the weight of heavy objects easily without letting them fall out.
  • The tuck end boxes are made shelf-ready to store your desired product. They are suitable especially for the packaging of expensive objects and tech products. This gives them a great look for a high-end unboxing experience.
  • The strong closure of reverse tuck end boxes gives them the property of safekeeping of the objects packed inside. They have friction lock tuck ends with the self-lock property that makes the box very safe and secure.