Beware – the Potholes are Causing Serious Problems!

Saw a pothole? Your driving teacher always taught you to avoid these! Why? Because firstly they irritate you while driving. Secondly, they are serious troublemakers. They tend to create lots of issues in your car. Normally, if you know that a road has lots of potholes, you should avoid that, but in case you encounter one such on your way, it’s better to drive skilfully around it and avoid it at all costs.

Why should you avoid potholes while driving?

Potholes are basically the holes that you find in the middle of the roads. Normally, you don’t find them on urban roads. But you never know if there was very serious damage or accident in an area that led to this hole. Sometimes even natural calamities like torrential rainfalls or earthquakes may damage the condition of the road too. And this small or a little bigger hole has the power to turn even a nice working vehicle to junk that needs to be given away as car scrap in Auckland to Mega Car Collection. They are the best team who pick up your junk cars from your property and provide you with the best rates for it. And do you know of some more damages that a pothole causes?

1. It impacts your wheel alignment

Normally, the wheel alignment of your car doesn’t get impacted by small bumps along the road. But if the pothole is really big and you are reckless in crossing it, the wheel alignment of your car badly gets affected due to it.

2. Damage or dents to the wheels

Another problem that even a small pothole causes — it damages your nicely moving wheels or tyres. It happens because sometimes the wheels bang on the road badly due to these potholes which obviously causes this damage.

3. Weird sounds in the car

You would have witnessed this very often. Sometimes while you aren’t precautious while crossing a pothole, the car jerks so badly that the engine parts (mostly exhaust) are badly shaken. This sometimes causes weird sounds within the car.

4. Leaking fluid

When the vehicle is moving at a very high speed and the pothole jerks the car, it damages the under-carriage of the car. The result, leaking fuel from the car. This might seem a small issue, but the leaking fluid can also be due to the damage to the radiator of the car.

5. Damage to the car’s suspension

The suspension of the car is responsible for the balance. But if you are pretty rough on the potholes, the suspension of the car gets damaged or its spring gets impacted. This leads to lots of issues in the vehicle’s smooth and proper performance. You’ll even find the vehicle turning to one side because of it.

6. Body damage

You have to be very careful when you’re crossing potholes while driving a small car. Since small cars are closer to the ground, the damage to their body due to this jerking is very high. Expect a lot of dent and damage on its body at this point. 

Well, the potholes are serious trouble creating factors for any vehicle. Only a wise driver can protect the car from this serious damage. Remember cautious driving is an important factor that saves your car from turning into the junk before time.