Bumper dents torturing you? Treat them yourself!

Just as you can’t prevent your next birthday from coming soon, even the dents in your car are sure to happen. No matter how careful you are while driving, somewhere, someday, sometimes it clashes or bangs, and a dent is there mocking at you. You have to get rid of this eyesore soon. But do you know the ways to do so?

How to get rid of bumper dents on your own?

Even though bumper dents are some small issues in your car, we would still suggest you be very careful while driving. Because sometimes you don’t just get dents in the vehicle. But there can be huge damage that leaves your car worthy of being given away as scrap cars for cash in Auckland to Used Car Buyers. They provide an excellent service of picking up any kind of junk vehicle from your property and recycling these as per the best terms. But since you have just got a dent in the bumper, you might as well try to resolve the issue:

1. Use boiling water

If it’s a plastic bumper, you can easily get it back to shape. What you require is boiling water that you should pour on this area. As soon as this happens, level the bumper from behind. It will get back to normal within minutes.

2. A plunger does the trick

Sometimes all you need is a plunger to do the magic. If you suck the air of the dented area with it and pull the plunger with great force, the bumper gets back to shape instantly. But yes, you’ll have to give two or three trials until the car becomes leveled like before.

3. The pair of hair dryer and compressed air spray

The ultimate way to deal with the bumper dents is by opting for the hairdryer and compressed air spray method. What you can do is heat the dent for some minutes. Now immediately apply the compressed air spray over it. The heat will bring the car body back to its life and the dent will disappear as if it wasn’t there.

4. The dry ice magic

Dry ice is another magical ingredient that can actually help you a lot in dealing with dents in your bumper. You just have to wear thick gloves so that the chill of the ice doesn’t harm your hands. Next, you can start rubbing the ice over the dented area. After some time you’ll find that pulling the bumper back to its original position becomes so much easier.

5. Use the professional tools

If all of the above homemade techniques aren’t supporting you in getting rid of the dent, then you can always opt for the technical and professional tools for this problem. You get a specific dent removal product in the market that makes it very easy for you to deal with it.

These are super fast and money-saving tips to get rid of the dents. Well, if you think you can’t handle all these, then you are always welcome to go and visit your mechanic and service your car to get it back to normal.