How Bad Appliance Maintenance Habits Affect Home Maintenance?

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Buying appliances and homes is generally considered a long-term and smart investment. It can easily give you a return of 8-10% every year. However, it depends on your locality and many other factors. 

 Even though you can never control every factor affecting your home investment, routine maintenance is everything you can do! Your dedication to appliance maintenance and repair can affect potential investment and the money you will need to repair the damaged appliances. You can contact appliance repair Los Angeles service providers to ask about the influential factors of home and appliance investment. They will assist you better in understanding the negative impacts of your appliance maintenance habits on your home!

 Actions of Knowledgeable homeowners!

Many people promise to maintain and care for the recently purchased home appliances effectively. However, some fail even to address the issues until they become significant. Are you a smart homeowner? According to the latest studies, approximately 41% of homeowners perform DIY routine maintenance on their appliances, making them last longer and retain home maintenance for years!

You can check the below statistics derived from the appliance repair Los Angeles database. It depicts how many people perform appliance routine maintenance:

  • Dryer: 40.1% of homeowners routinely check and maintain their dryers. 
  • Washer: 39.3% of people deep clean and inspect their washing machine once a month.
  • Refrigerator: Solely, 38.1% of homeowners perform routine maintenance on the refrigerator. However, they could have saved a lot of money on premature refrigerator issues.
  • Stove: 38.1% of people care for the stove at home.
  • Oven: 36.3%
  • Freezer: 34.6% of homeowners conduct routine freezer maintenance 
  • Microwave: 33.9% 

 With the above statistics, you can contemplate that approximately 65% of homeowners neglect routine maintenance. They make service calls for maintenance and repairs only when the home appliances start to malfunction. The appliance repair Los Angeles experts suggest you perform routine appliance maintenance to save money on repair and retain the return on home investment. Now is the time when you start saving money on electricity bills and premature appliance issues. 

 What are Bad Appliance Maintenance Habits?

Bad habits leave a significant impact on our lives and the people around us. The same applies to the appliances. Have you ever replaced or checked the appliances’ gasket or seals? If you know the answer to this question, you already know what we are talking about. You must address that your appliance maintenance also affects your home maintenance on a large scale. It is because you install or use the appliances inside your home. 

 Let’s check out some bad appliance maintenance habits that affect home maintenance as well:

  1. Gasket and Seals:

As per appliance repair Los Angeles specialists, most homeowners spend on professional services to replace appliances’ seals and gaskets. They can quickly check and replace them after buying DIY kits from the market. Besides, some homeowners use tapes or super glue to fix the broken or damaged seals or gaskets. It is a bad habit that affects your home appliances since you are paying expensive utility bills. 

  1. Filter cleaning and replacement:

Like gaskets and seals, you need to inspect your appliances’ filter for debris, dust, tear, wear, and other damages. If you notice some holes or accumulated debris, you can adequately clean and reinstall it. However, you will need a replacement if the filter has excessive debris, wear, and tear. The appliance repair Los Angeles professionals have shared that some homeowners neglect to inspect the filters until they get entirely clogged or damaged. You can change the appliance maintenance habit and save money on home maintenance as well. 

  1. Lint:

You must have heard advice from repair experts to remove trapped lint after every dryer or washer usage. Do you perform the same to save your washer or dryer from sudden damages or hazards? Clogged, dirty, or damaged lint screens are the fundamental source of residential fire hazards. If you regularly clean the lint screen, you prevent sudden appliance breakdown, fire hazards, and abnormal home maintenance service needs. 

  1. Food Particles:

According to appliance repair Los Angeles specialists, you find piles of accumulated food particles in the refrigerator and dishwasher while servicing them. Many times, these food particles are the root cause of appliance issues. You can rinse food debris from plates or dishes before putting them into your dishwasher or refrigerator. It will save your appliances while sparing your home from fire and health hazards.


Nobody wishes to depreciate the property resale value because of home appliances. We do not want you to look back and think that you could have changed some habits to avoid expensive repair or maintenance costs. Therefore, we have compiled the list of bad habits observed by appliance repair Los Angeles experts. You can refer to them and change some appliance maintenance habits to retain your home maintenance standards.