How to Repair Aluminum Blinds? Replacement of The String, Mechanism.

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Aluminum blinds are the most durable window coverings. therefore, many people decide to purchase these window guards. however, these are not eternal shields and once in a few years require repair. usually, damage to blinds is easy to repair, which is why many people choose to repair them themselves. before calling in the specialists it is worth trying to repair them yourself. if you do not succeed, you can always call someone to window blind & shade repair Avalon NJ.

in this article, I will try to describe how to repair all possible defects in horizontal blinds.

  • How to replace a broken handle in a blind?
  • How to replace a broken mechanism?
  • How do I replace a broken cord?
  • How to lower a blind?
  • How do I replace a broken ladder?

How Do I Replace A Broken Handle on a Blind?

Blinds’ handles usually break when you try to remove them from the window to, for example, wash the windows. To prevent damage, the handle cap should be removed by sliding it aside. Then there will be no stress and we will have peace of mind. Sometimes, however, under the influence of the sun, dirt, and other factors, the handle and the cap stick together and the removal of the handle is very difficult. Most often handles break in such situations. Then you need to remove the gutter of the blind, unscrew the handles, and screw in new ones.

How to Replace A Broken Mechanism in a Blind?

When we have to deal with a broken mechanism, we have to proceed with the replacement. The mechanism can be replaced in a very simple way – just lower the blind and then cut the end of the cord after releasing the cord end piece. You should take care that the blind is evenly lowered. Then pull the wire out of the gutter, from the mechanism side outwards. Then, from the top of the gutter pull out both ends of the string, you can help yourself with tweezers. Pull the string only from the mechanism. Bend gently to the sides of the gutter at the mechanism and try to remove the mechanism. Then in the same way as the old mechanism was put in the new one. From above, put the string. Sink the ends of the string with a lighter, so that it easily passes through the mechanism. After passing the string through the mechanism, but the element ending the string and entangle it with the lowered blind and shades.

How to Replace a Broken Cord?

The blind does not want to lower or pull up? The problem may be a dirty cord. When dirt, dust, and oil from frying get into the cord, the cord will increase in volume. The increased cord volume can cause the brake sleeve to tighten and the blind will no longer operate smoothly.

If this happens, replace the cord in the blind. Begin the replacement by unlocking the element which closes the cord. After lowering the blinds, cut the cord in half and measure the amount of new cord bought in our store. Then combine the old cord with the new one by burning both ends with a lighter and pull the cord from the lower beam. Repeat with the other side of the string and you have a new string! You can enjoy the new string 😉

How to Replace a Broken Ladder?

Often it is enough only to sew a cross thread, if the damage is so severe that you have to replace the ladder, then we go to the replacement. To replace the ladder, you need to disassemble the entire blind. If you do not know how to do this, I invite you to watch an instructional video. On the domino channel on YouTube.

How to Lower a Blind?

Sometimes a blind does not necessarily have to be broken to be unable to be lowered. Lowering a blind and raising it can be a bit tricky, every blind mechanism whether we are dealing with 50mm or 25mm blinds operates in the same way. To lower the blind, pull the string slightly towards you and move the string in the inner direction of the blind. If the mechanism is on the left, pull the string slightly and tilt it to the right and then lower it at an angle. Do the same with the mechanism on the right side, but tilt the cord to the left.