Top Reasons You Should Tune Up Your HVAC


Your heating and cooling system probably operates out of sight and out of mind for you most of the time. You adjust the thermostat, the system starts, and the home’s temperature soon reaches the desired level. While a quality HVAC system should operate that exact way on a day-to-day basis, it nevertheless requires some intervention from you and your contractor to maintain that reliability. Here are four reasons to keep the system tuned up even when it doesn’t need repairs.

Optimized Energy Efficiency

There’s a difference between working and working efficiently. A review of your monthly utility costs could indicate that its energy consumption is growing. Compare this December to last December, for example, to get the year-over-year utility costs. More kilowatt hours or cubic feet of gas consumed could suggest your system is not at peak efficiency.

A dirty system is often much less energy-efficient because of the extra friction on moving parts and resistance to airflow. Routine maintenance of your heating and cooling system will reduce the strain on its moving parts by clearing away dust and debris. It will also identify any issues that are dragging on the system in other ways, such as leaky ductwork. The result is a system that provides the same amount of climate control with a lower utility bill.

Better Health

Your heating and cooling system move a lot of air, but what we often forget is what else is coursing through the ductwork. Dust, pollen, mold, and many other irritants can accumulate to problematic levels if you don’t get your HVAC system serviced on a regular basis. The number of allergens in your system can become even larger if you have cracks or leaks in your ductwork.

Replacing filters, getting ducts cleaned out when needed, and having the air handling units inspected will remove old contaminants and keep new contaminants from getting into the loop. A cleaner system will also hold less moisture, which will discourage the growth of molds. The result is cleaner air that will not irritate allergies and asthma, supporting better health and greater comfort for everyone who enters your home.

Prevented Breakdowns

Many HVAC system failures give you at least a little bit of warning. It could be a strange odor, an unusual sound, or just a variation in its normal routine. It might also be something that you don’t notice yourself, but that is very obvious to the technician when you have the system serviced. Whatever warnings it gives you (or doesn’t give you), your system will probably break down at one of the worst possible times.

When it comes to avoiding the frigid nights that come with a breakdown, there’s no substitute for routine service. It’s much better to avoid a problem than to need furnace repair unexpectedly. A tune-up will allow you to replace parts before they fail and shut you down, leaving you scrambling for furnace repair. Listen to the technician’s assessment of the system and follow any recommendations for repairs.

Warranty Protection

New systems will carry a warranty that covers both parts and labor for repairs for some predetermined length of time. It is important to understand that the protection provided by your warranty does not mean that you can neglect your system and then expect the repairs to be covered free of charge! You are responsible for getting the proper preventive maintenance done so that you are giving the system the best possible chance to avoid breakdowns.

To make sure your warrant protection stays in force, follow the manufacturer’s recommended schedule for service and cleaning. The tune-up you get done may be just what it takes to avoid a big repair later on. That’s why the manufacturer wants you to do it. The fewer preventable warranty repairs that the company must make, the lower its costs. That translates into more competitive pricing for the next repair or installation that you need from them.

Your HVAC is a very complex system that requires skills and tools that only an expert technician can provide. By having that qualified worker come and service your system periodically, you’ll save money in the long run and make your home a healthier and more comfortable place.