Troubleshooting Wireless Charging Issues in Samsung Smartphones

Troubleshooting Wireless Charging Issues in Samsung Smartphones

The advancement of technology in every aspect tends us to use hassle-free and user-friendly electronic devices. One of the most visible changes in the mobile industry is the gradual shifting from wired charging adapters to wireless ones. What so ever easy it may seem, to just place the Samsung phone on a pad to get it charged, though it has its pros and cons. Some issues can be dealt with by the user, while others may need professional expertise. Mobile Junction is the one-stop-shop to repair all smartphones and needed-accessories.

Wireless charging may seem convenient. However, when faced with minor issues, users tend to panic. Nonetheless, some issues can be resolved by the owner. This article caters to those issues related to cell phone repair specifically targeted to wireless charging.

Few issues, such as the slow charging, or not charging at all, and so on, can be resolved in the following ways:

Using Authentic Samsung Wireless Charger

The general issues faced by the users are due to the use of third-party wireless adapters. While these adapters are cheap, they may not provide the optimum charging parameters for your phone. It affects battery life and performance to a great extent. So, it is advised to use the wireless charger that came with your Samsung box. It ensures compatibility with your smartphone. You can also buy one from authentic Samsung phone outlets in your vicinity or order online.

Verify if the Third-party Charger is Compatible

Users often get confused about slow charging and not charging at all. Suppose you are using a third-party charger to check whether it is compatible with your smartphone. If you have not bought one yet, dig into consumer reviews throughout the web and buy the charger that suits you. Incompatible chargers result in slow charging, which frustrates the user. Smartphones with large battery capacities like the Galaxy Note series might take hours to charge.

Contact Issues While Charging

Correctly aligning the phone on the pad is crucial to establish a proper connection with the charging pad. Generally, wireless charging phones are marked, which helps users correctly position them on the pad. Over time, the markings may wear off, which leads to wrong positioning hence the increased charging time. Another petty issue is the use of protective cases or paper in between the phone and the pad. These insulator materials can dampen the electromagnetic waves, which decrease the rate of charging drastically.

Software Updates

Software updates in android phones are either intended to add new features to smartphones or fix pre-existing issues. Users should not skip updates because these occasionally fix the faulty programs, which affect the charging unknowingly. Sometimes, rebooting your phone also works wonders. As it clears, the system from bugs that might have developed over time and slowing your phone’s rate of charging.

Moisture Detected Error

Mistakenly dropping the phone in water is a prevalent issue faced by users. Some people adopt silly ways to dry their smartphones by leaving them under the sun or in rice packets. You can search “phone repair near mein google maps to visit repair shops near you to remove moisture professionally without causing extensive damage to other equipment on your phone. Sometimes gently shaking the phone also removes moisture drops from the ports. 

Wireless Charging in Safe Mode

If your phone was charging just fine but is now facing issues for no apparent reasons, this may be due to some third-party software you have recently installed. Try uninstalling those applications to see if it makes a difference. If you cannot identify the app, restart your phone in Safe mode. It does not render any third-party apps but the ones which are factory default. If your smartphone charges just fine like before, there must be third-party applications that are causing problems. 

As discussed above, it is expected that the DIY methods will resolve the issues related to wireless charging. But, if you continue to face those issues, it is suggested to seek professional aid as there might be other underlying problems. The last resort might be a replacement for the battery if it is old. However, this decision should be taken after visiting shops like Mobile Junction, one of the best shops for Samsung phone repair in London, Ontario.