8 Key Features of Best Blender Under 100: Buying Guide 2021

best blender under 100

For several decades people are in love with smoothies, shakes, frozen drinks, etc which earlier they use to make manually but now this work is done by blenders. No need to go to a fancy and costly restaurant to have one you can have them at the comfort of home in the best blender under 100.

In such blenders, you can blend smoothies, shakes, and other dishes according to your preferences, taste, and mood taking very little time to prepare ingredients.

Buying guide for best blender under 100

It is very difficult to choose from various blenders available in the market, just make a list of your preferences and desire of what you want in your blender. Here are some features that you may consider while buying the one.

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#1. Capacity: The capacity of the blender counts upon the number of people you want to serve. The standard size of the blender can hold 48 to 72 ounces that means it can prepare a drink for up to 10 people.

The bigger blenders that are powerful and high performing can hold up to 140 ounces. The individual serving blenders can hold from 8 ounces to 20 ounces which works great for a single person and not for family.

#2. Blades: It is the part that performs on the ingredients. The blades can be flat that is angled upwards at the edge and almost spiral blades.

The best blender under comes in both types of blades and the material used in them is high-quality stainless steel that is known best for making blades as they are durable and do not corrode.

#3. Material: Material used in blenders is mainly of three types

  • Plastic: It is the most affordable and lightproof material used in blenders. The only drawback it has that the plastic odor gets to mix with the ingredients.
  • Glass: Glass material does leave an odor in the food and does not discolor with time. But this material can break down easily.
  • Stainless Steel: It is the most expensive and durable material used in many kitchen appliances that do not corrode and last long.

#4. Price: Best blenders under 100 are mostly the affordable medium quality blenders that work great for home use. Under this range, you will get better features like a good motor, variable size, and stainless steel material.

Many modes from good trustable companies are available around this price range.

#5. Motor: Motor is the heart of any machine and its powerful working will show how powerful your machine is. An average range of a motor is from 300 to 600 watts but if you are going for a high-performing blender then it can run up to 1200 watts.

Good blending power is also necessary to crush frozen foods and fibrous vegetables.

#6. Warranty: Warranty is very important as it assures you from the side of the manufacturer that you can use the product for some without any fear of damage.

#7. Cleaning: Make sure the blender you are buying is dishwasher safe otherwise it would be very difficult to clean the blades due to which the ingredients may get stuck into it leading to jamming of blades after some time.

#8. Speed Controls: Variable speed controls allows you to blend different ingredients according to your choice and ingredients. For longer and proper working of the motor make sure you never start your blender directly at high speed.

Start with low speed then increase the speed, it puts less pressure on the motor.

Buy the blender of your choice after considering all the features mentioned above and the features you want in your blender. The best blender under 100 will fulfill all your desires and needs. Make a good decision for your kitchen.