Book Review- Death Experiences And Hawaiian Spirituality

David J. Wallace’s new book The Journey of Our Souls: What You Can Learn from One Man’s Multiple Near-Death Experiences is this kind of book that hits your socks and makes you reconnect with your spirituality in new and amazing ways.

Wallace is a Hawaiian a leader and healer among his people. Growing up in the 1950s and 1960s, he was often taught to suppress his natural gifts and spiritual beliefs of the ancients like paladin names.

Raised as a Mormon, however, he also grew up in a culture in which people sometimes do not always see the difference or great conflict between the teachings of Mormonism and the beliefs of their Hawaiian ancestors.

Wallace’s journey got off to a bad start when, at the age of five, he crashed into the back seat of a moving car and suffered near death. He was taken by an ancestor to a waiting area to decide whether to continue living after death or to return to earth.

Happily, he is back in this life, although he will eventually have to experience another death-dealing experience, all of which he describes in this book.

Wallace uses The Journey of Our Souls to explore

In addition to telling her story, Wallace uses The Journey of Our Souls to explore what it means to be an immortal soul trapped in a human body. Comparing it to being a “world racing driver with a balloon with a flat tire to compete in the Indianapolis 500,” he called it “a catastrophe waiting to happen” because “This gap between spiritual and physical truth can create lifelong challenges as soul, mind and body try to coexist peacefully as we discussed in miqo’te names.”

In the book, Wallace explains how to deal with that challenge and how we can do the same. Finally, he says our soul is our moral compass and its journey equips us with the tools and experience we need to achieve balance and fulfillment. We need to achieve our highest soul goal to achieve that balance and fulfillment.

Wallace learned to live with the purpose of his soul in many ways, most importantly by waking up with the gifts he had. Among the gifts he received and developed were the ability to predict the future with prophetic dreams, the ability to see hidden things (he began by speculating on the contents of his wrapped Christmas gifts as a child and worked his way up to great things), and the far-sightedness of sight hundreds of miles away.

Features of this book

One of the features of this book that I especially enjoyed learning about Wallace’s Hawaiian culture and how it values ​​his beliefs. I find his belief in Hawaiian spirits and magic amazing but very interesting.

Wallace strongly believes in the importance of communicating with your ancestors. He feels that his ancestors are interested in him and are willing to help him when he needs them. You discuss how you can build relationships with them and gain trust so they will help you.

Wallace also wants to help other people. Today, he uses his gifts to help people in a variety of ways. He has helped sick people to determine if they have cancer or not. He has helped people to make peace with disturbing and powerful spirits living in their homes. He has also helped his community by helping Hawaiian cultural and educational knowledge to keep Hawaiian beliefs alive for generations to come.

I don’t want to give all the good news in this book, but learning about how Wallace predicted the death of a colleague and how he helped to treat a student so he could play football in the next game was all fun but also instructive. All in all, Wallace discovers that by connecting with his gifts and unlocking the Universe, harmonization and amazing but meaningful experiences are possible.

Successful in playing the Lotto

Wallace has also been successful in playing the Lotto. Although he did not win a million-dollar jackpot, he has developed a program that helps him match a few numbers when buying lottery tickets, and win various games at casinos. He shares some of his methods and advice in this book, and is available for private consultation with those who want to learn more.

At the end of the book, he discusses the importance of being a leader and how he often takes that role for granted. At first, he did not want to promote or distribute his gifts for fear of being rejected, but he later realized that God (or the gods) had given him the talents he had intended to use to make the world a better place.

He has helped many people, and now he hopes to improve in helping others with the advice and information he has provided in this book. I guarantee you will see life in a new way after seeing the Journey of Our Souls.