Prayer Mats and Rug: An Exciting New Trend in Islamic Designs

A prayer mat or prayer rug is usually a square piece of cloth, sometimes even a flat pile cloth, used for Muslim and Christian worship during prayer. In Islam, it usually placed on the floor or laid on the ground for personal hygiene during the several positions of Islamic prayer. It is believed to bring blessings upon whoever lies on it. However, in some countries, it is not necessarily laid on the floor but on a carpet laid in front of the prayer chair or throne.

Prayer rugs are often accompanied by Islamic prayer mat or prayer ottomans. The difference between a prayer mat and a prayer Ottoman is their function. The prayer mat is intended to be used on the floor while a prayer Ottoman means to rest on a desk or table. Sometimes, both are fitted with a hanger to hang on a door so that one can go up or down whenever required. In addition, they are sometimes crafted with built-in light fixtures to cast a magical shine.

The most popular prayer rugs are a mecca

Some of the most popular prayer rugs are mecca, Moroccan, Harman, and namaz. Mecca is the Arabic word for meadow. It is typically woven from wool and has a smooth, mellow beauty it. Like all other meccas, it is most commonly found in the desert regions of Syria, Egypt, and Jordan. It looks exquisite when embroidered or designed by skilled artisans. Usually, the mecca is decorated with beads, colored threads, flowers, and ornaments.

Moroccan prayer mats are normally green in color. They have a unique, rustic beauty about them that makes them suitable for use as a prayer mat in any Muslim home. As with all other meccas, the mecca is also available in a variety of designs and styles, from simple, plain pieces to intricate patterns and decorative motifs. Some of these carpets have very thick, padded foams underneath to give them added protection against the cool desert air.

Harman rugs are another popular rug in the tradition of Islam. Traditionally, they are made of wool and designed to have four different sides. The four sides are normally square, but depending on the design, they may be triangular or round. In addition, each side will have an evenly spaced hook or loop for hanging a prayer mat. Traditionally, each four-sided carpet has its own distinct, name. Therefore, if one has a mecca, he might have a “Harman” as well.

Namaz is the most commonly used praying mats. They are made of wool from the sheep of the Khayyam, or black sheep of the Arabian Peninsula. Like most meccas, the word means “good”. They come in a variety of colors, usually white or off-white, with beautiful designs. Most commonly they feature geometric patterns like circles, squares and ovals. Many feature animals or floral motifs.

Many more types of Islamic prayer rugs available

There are many more types of Islamic prayer rugs available. There are prayer rugs for every occasion and type of worship. The only thing that limits a Muslim is the imagination. In addition, there are enough styles and designs for all types of Muslims, not just the strictly Islamic. Each person can choose the one that fits his or her lifestyle and prayer habits best.

Nowadays, many Muslims choose to incorporate carpets into their homes instead of the customary floor covering, which is the sofas and carpets. This is because carpets can be kept clean much longer and can be easily maintained than a hardwood floor. Some families even use prayer rugs as prayer mats. Others use both for decorative purposes.

Prayer mats are also used by Muslim women as a means to pray at home, without having to go out in public. In addition, they can have both men and women in prayer, so they do not need to enter into prayer with everyone else. This can serve as an opportunity for a Muslim woman to interact with other women of the world and pray with them. It can also help to develop the relationship between the woman and her husband or partner.

Prayer Rug

There are so many ways that a prayer rug can be used to enhance the worship experience of a Muslim. By using a rug, it helps to bring the focus inward, as when a believer sits on a carpet prayer mat, she or he is focusing his or her thoughts and attention inward to God. It can also be used in conjunction with a raised platform, such as a raised platform built for siting Muslim prayers. This can serve as an opportunity to speak to God directly.

Prayer rugs are also commonly seen in private houses of worship in various countries around the world. They make beautiful pieces of furniture as well as decorative home furnishings. Many people also opt to incorporate traditional Moroccan and moccasin rugs into their home decor as well. One of the best known rugs from this region of the world is the mecca or wool rug, which comes in over 100 different styles and colors. Some of these rugs are even hand woven and guaranteed to last a lifetime.