What Non-Stick Cookware You Should Avoid To Use?

What Non-Stick Cookware You Should Avoid To Use

It is important to know that using healthy cookware in kitchens is as important as the healthy food you brings to your home.
Is nonstick cookware harmful to health? This question arises in the mind of health-conscious people. The answer to some extent is Yes.
Is there any solution to solve the problem of nonstick cookware? Of course Yes, there are other options available for healthy cooking. Best Cookwares Home provides the best articles on healthy Cookware, Pans, Pots and other kitchen products.
Nowadays there are a lot of cookware sets, pots and pans that are nonstick, But there are also disadvantages of non-stick cookware because of their harmful coating material.
There are different types of chemicals like Teflon/PTFE PFAS, PFOA, Lead, Cadmium and Genx. Due to these chemicals, the pots and pans become nonstick and slippery but when you provide high heat to your pans then these chemicals could melt and could enter into the food while cooking.
The studies show that, if a person inhales these nonstick chemicals, They can create problems like lungs issue, infertility in male, low birth rate, cancer and many other health problems.


Poly-Tetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), commonly known as Teflon. Teflon is a synthetic chemical that has a composition of carbon and fluorine atoms. The companies use their chemicals to make the pans and pots slippery and easy to use.

When the pans face high heat, PTFE could release some gases and can mix in the food. They can cause flue like problems in human and also can kill pet birds also.


PFOA stands for “perfluorooctanoic acid” which has a use in different things like cookware, carpets and many other items.
There are some health issues when using PFOA chemical in cookware. It becomes toxin fumes while cooking over high heat and can cause diseases like
Thyroid disease
High cholesterol level
liver problem
Blood Pressure


PFAS are found in a wide range of consumer products that people use daily such as cookware, pizza boxes and stain repellants.
Some studies confirm the use of poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) has harmful effects on the human body. Its sub-branches like PFOA and PFAS can cause liver, reproductive and immunological effects in animals. This can cause other problems like
Low Birth rate
The problem in an immune system
Thyroid hormone problems.


The GenX is a chemical that is used in the process of making high-performance polymers for manufacturing cabling, cookware, non-stick coatings, laptops, cell phones, and other similar applications. GenX is a trading name for a technology that is used to make high-performance fluoropolymers (e.g., some nonstick coatings).
Its presence of GenX Chemicals have been found in groundwater, finished drinking water, rainwater, in the air, and many other places. It has been associated with increased risks for human health like
Immune problem
Low reproduction
Liver pancreas and Testicles problems


Lead and Cadmium are heavy metals that may leach into the food while cooking at high temperature. These can cause serious health problems in human. Their combined use may affect the blood, liver, kidney, heart and brain.
Nowadays companies are trying to avoid these heavy metals to use in cookware, pots and pans because of high health risks.

Always try to buy the healthy cookware to make your meal healthy and safe for your family. The best Non-Toxic, Non-Stick Cookware sets will satisfy all your needs of healthy cooking.
Final Thoughts


Avoid using that nonstick cookware, whose inner coating  consist of harmful chemicals. There are a lot of other healthy cookware available in the market and you must purchase only those pots and pans that are free from harmful chemicals.
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