How to Use On-SERP SEO to Increase Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness

Ranking on the first page of Google search results is getting more competitive day by day and as the search engine is optimizing their algorithms frequently, predicting the future is even more difficult. The organic results are getting more competitive than ever because of the new features like featured snippets, videos, paid ads, and more.

Position zero of Google’s SERP is successfully dominating the organic potential of even highly-competitive keywords. The above-the-fold position of a search result is getting more competitive than before and you as an SEO strategist need to think in a broad way of occupying the maximum possible space of SERP. An effective SEO Packages can also help in an increase in Brand awareness.

In this article, we will have a look at what exactly is On-SERP SEO and what are some steps to follow and bring more organic traffic to your site.

Competing against Position Zero SERP

To rise above the competition and compete with position zero SERP, you need a broad strategy to cover as much as the real estate of the first page by various means. This is the best strategy to increase the overall CTR of your site and bring more conversions to your business.

You need to have a strategy that will not only boost your CTR but also help you with better branding along with the support of paid ads. To win the SERP game, you need to have a strategy to cover as many as possible media opportunities. So on this note, let’s have a look at some productive On-SERP SEO tips that will help you generate the maximum amount of traction for your brands.

1. Aim to win featured snippets

Google pulls out data from the top 10 positions to generate a featured snippet. And, to increase your odds for winning a featured snippet, first check what are the keywords that are ranking on the first 10 positions. Initially, you need to check which of the keywords are already displaying a featured snippet.

Use any tool for finding this and it will help you identify those target keywords and pages that you need to optimize to win featured snippets. Focus on targeting more long-term keywords in your articles or pages as it will increase your chances of getting one.

2. Optimize your site for Google sitelinks

Google’s sitelinks get the most space of the SERPs results as they are considered the most important pages of your website. To achieve site links for your site, make sure you implement the schema markup wherever it’s needed. However, we can’t be sure that even after implementing schema markups, you will get the sitelinks, but it’s always a smart move to optimize your site for this feature.

Along with schema markup, also make sure that meta tags of all the pages are optimized and they are not only stuffed with keywords.

3. Using Schema Markup

Continuing from the second point, schema markups are very important when we are talking about SEO in 2021. It not only makes it easier for users to access the content but also helps the Google search bots to index pages in a much better way.

So while conducting a technical analysis of your site, make sure you are correctly generating and applying the schema markup for your site. You will also find numerous plugins that will make this job even easier and faster for you.

4. Optimize your Google My Business Profile

Google takes brands’ GMB profiles very seriously as it helps the customers to know about your business in a much better way. To win the maximum space for your brand for a search query, make sure you optimize your listings.

Check your NAP details, respond to customers’ queries if there are any, encourage your customers to give a good rating on your page, and more. By optimizing your Google My Business Profile, there are high chances that people will buy from you.

5. Plan your PPC campaign

There is no doubt in the fact that PPC campaigns are expensive and when it comes to competitive niches, the prices are even much higher than expected. But, here you need to play your PPC game smarter by running a branded PPC campaign.

Run ads on your brand name and it will bring you more benefits than you have imagined. It’s a good strategy to make your brand more visible when customers are searching for you. And, it’s also helpful to take a lead from your competitor if they are trying to use your brand name in their PPC campaign to rank higher.

Running PPC ads only on your brand will not cost you much money as there is no competition, and you can get a good CPC rate to promote your brand.

These were some of the most important tips for generating more organic traffic with On-SERP SEO techniques. If you don’t have an in-house SEO team then it’s a smart move to hire an SEO Reseller and thrive online.