Loyverse POS eCommerce Integration

If you are in the retail sector and still figuring out how to enter the online space, then this article is for you. In the last year, it has become quite clear that there is no way you can thrive without setting up shop online. One year into the pandemic, we are seeing a big shift in the way people shop. Their consumption patterns have changed, and they are more comfortable with online purchases. As a result, retailers are witnessing more sales and growth from their online channels. Especially, when you compare it with the physical stores. Now is the time to take advantage of this growth and set up your online business.

Start your digital journey by integrating Loyverse POS with your online store.

Now that you have decided to start selling online, there are many options before you. You can either set up an eCommerce store from scratch or just put up your products in one of the already existing market places. Some of the leading marketplaces are Amazon, Etsy, eBay, etc. Many retailers shy away from exploring the online space because it looks difficult and time-consuming to manage multiple stores. Also, the fact that you may need additional resources to manage them is another reason which dissuades people from exploring new avenues. Loyverse POS Integration solution takes care of all these concerns.

With Loyverse POS integration, you can connect your offline and online stores in a few easy steps. The solution enables you to handle all your stores from one location. You will have one integrated source of inventory, sales, and customer data for all the channels. You can transfer data, process orders, and transactions across the various channels making store management easy and efficient.

There are many benefits to integrating your Loyverse POS with eCommerce. We will detail out a few of them here.

Benefit 1: No more manual data entry

When you maintain your POS and eCommerce store as independent systems, you will need to manually enter the orders coming in from the online sales channel, update inventory counts in both systems, change product details multiple times, etc. It can be time-consuming and is prone to errors. With Loyverse POS Integration, you can eliminate manual data entry. Data gets transferred automatically and seamlessly between the systems. You can post product details from the POS to the online store and make provisions to automate purchase orders. You also have the option to activate email automation to connect with customers.

Benefit 2: Have access to inventory details in real-time 

Once you integrate your Loyverse POS with your online stores, you have real-time access to inventory details. When a sale happens, the inventory count gets updated simultaneously at all the shop fronts. You can easily keep track of stock levels, activate auto-replenishment, etc. There will no longer be instances of stock-outs. You can quickly transfer merchandise from one store to another or your warehouse based on requirements.

Benefit 3: Faster shipping and better order management

With POS integration, your order management gets automated. As soon as a customer places an order on your website, it gets automatically downloaded into Loyverse POS. The downloaded order brings details of sold item and customer information with it. This reduces time of manually entering order information into POS, which in turns enhances the customer’s buying experience.

Benefit 4: Offer an omnichannel shopping experience

Today customers prefer to buy products online and pick them up from a nearby location. It not only reduces the waiting time but also helps save on shipping costs. By integrating your POS with your online eCommerce store, you can offer your customers an omnichannel shopping experience. You can take orders online and use your store as a fulfillment center.

Benefit 5: Reduce cost of doing business

By connecting your brick-and-mortar store with eCommerce stores, you can manage your business better. The manual intervention gets reduced which minimizes chances of error. You can invest your time on other promotional activities.

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