7 Tips To Boost Your Site’s Conversion Rate Using Images

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The people will want to see an item before purchasing it. They will take interest in touching it, holding it and looking at it from a number of angles. If you want to do this online then it is not possible for you. Therefore, it becomes necessary for you to use high quality graphics and images of the items. For connecting with the target audience in a much-improved manner and driving conversions, the right images can help a lot. Now I am going to share 7 tips to boost your site’s conversion rate using images.

1. Use images of high quality Earlier images of low quality were being used in the landing pages. Its examples are stock photos of low quality. Nowadays for the purpose of marketing, a lot of businesses are using images of high-quality. It is because after seeing high-quality pictures the customer perceives the item as of high quality. These also boost the conversion rates.

2. Use images with the item or service Various businesses do the marketing and selling of different items. With the items and services offered by the marketers, tying the images will be a good idea. It will be better to use a metaphor of catalog design for displaying the pictures of items. An educational institution that is running for earning profit can be a great example for this. Here for supporting the item, use an image of a person that is happy and successful. The educational institution sells this thing only.

3. Use images for targeting the audience A very good practice of marketing is targeting the audience with the use of tailor images. For determining the reaction of somebody towards an image, the demographic traits that play a very good role are age and gender. Consider a picture in which a swimsuit is worn by a man. As compared to gents, the ladies take more interest in the man’s left hand who has worn a swimsuit. It has been found that the ladies are in the search of a wedding band. Research suggests that ladies take more interest in those details of profile that are text-based while males take more interest in those details of profile in which there is an image of a woman.

4. Present the customer in the images It will be a good idea to feature the target customer in the pictures. Use a picture in which a service or item is being used by a customer. This can help in increasing the conversions. It will make the customer visualize the item. This psychological cue is very powerful. By thinking that a number of people are satisfied with purchasing the item, the prospective buyer also takes interest in the item.

5. Use emotionally captivating images Try to create pictures of the items so that the target buyer’s emotional response gets evoked with this. This will help in converting the target buyer. For bolstering the emotions of the customer towards a particular item, the marketers need to use pictures of that type accordingly.

6. Use images of faces to humanize the web pages Your conversion rate can get improved if near the CTAs you use pictures of the faces. A 20 % rise in the conversion rate of web pages can occur if you use numbers from 1 to 800 or if in the “contact support” button, the customer service representative’s headshot is added. In order to increase your website’s page views, you can use “face piles” in your websites. For boosting the conversions by humanizing the CTAs, the headshots of people in the form of pictures are being used by the marketers.

7. Guide the customer with the images For improving the conversions, using a perfectly placed image will be a good idea. The image needs to be of a type that the point of conversion can be easily seen by the prospect. It can be a navigation option, a form, a button or a product placement. For accomplishing this you need to take a hero shot in which an individual in a picture is looking at the page’s that part where you want the visitors to focus.

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