A Clean House Guide: Opt for Domestic Cleaning Services

domestic cleaning services

A clean house is a happy house

A few people truly enjoy weekly domestic cleaning and then again some do not see it as an activity. It is no fun for them. It is time-consuming and then again it is eventually going to get messed up. So, why bother? On the contrary, who says cleaning has to be one of those daunting tasks? It can be fun if you and your partner, both are doing it.

Even if you are doing it alone with no house help, we got you covered pal!

Let us tell you ways to make it fun and exciting. Are you surprised that our domestic cleaning unit is going to spill some secrets! Yes, you are right. We are here to share some ways that we think you are going to need it because we care

Here is a step-by-step guide from our very experienced team members customized for you to enjoy your household cleaning :

  • Decide then clean

Oh! But wait. You can begin doing your cleaning but let’s put some music on to set you on a spree. Remember rhythm is everything. You can decide now from which room to start. Smaller first. You are going to clean books, magazines, and all the upright things through a duster. Don’t forget to cover your nose while doing so!

  • Putting away boxes

If you are a shopaholic, no doubt you have adhered to many boxes over the week. It is time to put them away to make some space. The same goes for some old clothes or anything that you don’t need. A clutter-free and clean look is the goal here. After, you can vacuum the entire room.

  • Utensils fresheners

If you are in or anywhere near. you may have experienced our domestic cleaning services, where we use the most non-irritant and fragrance-free fresheners. People are often allergic to heavy chemicals and fragrances used, so we will suggest choosing the same while you are doing the cleaning.

  • Household DIYs

In kitchen areas, household DIYs often work wonders to remove stains that don’t easily go. Here is a list of our secret ingredients that we personally recommend, slices of lemon and vinegar for removing stains, lemon water heated to remove any oily residue left in microwave ovens. Lastly, the hero ingredient baking soda can help remove cup stains.

  • Time to relax and chill

After you are done with all the scrubbing and oil removal, it is time to use good old mopping.

Coming to the window panes and door, a spray bottle with soap and water would be enough.

If you are done until now, that means you have enjoyed cleaning your house. Now it is time to chill in your fresh and brand new surroundings. Since now the oven is clean, maybe it is time to try some hands-on baking!

Apart from the self-cleaning guide, our team members from the End of tenancy cleaning Newbury unit make moving out of a house less hectic by becoming your house-cleaning assistant. While moving out, there are many things to think about, amidst which the rent deposit won’t be given to you if you don’t tidy it in a comparable quality. This kind of deal often lands in disputes among the landowners and tenants.

Usually, this is done to leave the property new before the next tenant arrives. This goes for any property if you want to rent out. Before tenants arrive, call our end-of-tenancy cleaning company of Newbury to help clean out the premises.


Just like you have enjoyed reading our self-guide about cleaning, on moving days, cleaning as well as packing can be too much. While we negotiate well with tenants as well as landlords and we give them no area for complaining. Our services under domestic cleaning Newbury have gotten us the recognition of providing supreme quality cleaning services. Look no further while you are moving out or renting out your apartment.

As an ex-tenant, you would want to get your deposit back. When leaving someone’s property in a good shape is a legal requirement in some cases, at the same time it is also necessary to leave on good terms with the owner. Save your time and efforts by hiring a team of dedicated professionals . Our end-of-tenancy unit in Newbury makes sure of that. Starting from dusting and vacuuming, scrubbing and cleansing out appliances and wardrobes, be rest assured of our services.

Even as a new tenant, moving to a new house you would definitely expect that you find everything clean and bright. You would want to start your new life from a shiny and new property. So, if you want that extra bit of cleaning right after you move, our domestic cleaning services team in Newbury can help you with that. Now you can get the best domestic cleaning services.