Brother Printer Does Give You Your Reliable Printer

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Brother is a multinational company that has many products on the market. Brother Printer is one of the products that are well known for good print quality and performance. When looking for a new printer, what exactly are you looking for? Yes, you will be looking for a good printer that gives you the best print quality and also costs less in your pocket. Then you are in the right place, as Brother Printer brings you your reliable printer exactly what you are looking for. Although Brother printers are technically quite advanced as a printer is a machine and you will have problems with the printer. The Brother printer 2001 fax error is one of the most common errors faced by the printer. If you are using the Brother printer and you are facing the same type of error then you need not worry as you are in the right place. In this blog, we will discuss Brother printer fax error 2001 and provide you with solutions to the error. You can also contact the experts by connecting with Brother’s printer support team.

What is Brother Printer 2001 Fax Error?

The 2001 error is caused by interference in the telephone line connection or an alarm system or other online device. So this error is caused by any kind of disturbance on the phone line. So in the future, we will discuss the error.

Effective solutions to solve the Brother printer fax error 2001-.

Step 1: You need to check the quality of the dial tone first.

– If the quality of the dial tone is poor or incorrect, you should contact your telephone company and ask them to fix the problem.

– If the dial tone is correct, you can proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Check the phone line connection.

– If you find that the attached phone line is plugged into any other device other than the wall phone jack (surge protector, switching, etc.) disconnect the line from that device and you need to plug it directly into the phone jack with the purpose tests. To determine if the problem is related to a  brother error printing or any other device, remove those devices.

Step 3: On the Brother machine, once the phone line is connected directly from the jack labeled line to the telephone wall jack, try to send the fax again.

– If you find that the printer is sending the fax correctly, it means that the problem is caused by another device that is connected to the phone line.

– If the Brother printer shows Comm. Error again, then you need to check the next step.

Step 4: By reducing the transmission speed, your Brother printer has a compatibility setting that adjusts its sensitivity to interfering with the telephone line.

You must follow the steps to change the compatibility settings of the Brother printer:

– First, go to the menu, 2 (Fax), 0 (Miscellaneous), (Compatibility).

– Use the UP or DOWN ARROW key to select basic (for VOIP).

– Press the OK key.

– Press the Stop / Exit key.

Step 5: Try to send new fax.

– As the fax is sent without an error message, it means that you are ok with the error and it is fixed.

For remote assistance, call the Brother printer support

If you do not resolve the error using the above process, your best option is to call the Brother printer support team. Brother’s printer support team is the third party to assist Brother customers with their inquiries. The team has no hidden fees. You can also contact the team