eCommerce Website Development With Axepert Exhibits

ecommerce website development with axepert exhibits

If you have never started eCommerce website development, it is impossible to understand how time-consuming and elaborate the process is.

When looking at any ecommerce site, you never think about the fact that one has to produce content and load each product individually.

Not only that, but before the actual listing process begins, you will have to negotiate with each manufacturer to be able to list your products online.

eCommerce Website Development With Axepert Exhibits

In addition to all the work, how frustrating it really can be to have an e-commerce website creation, marketing agency experience, for this working site, and business model on which you have worked so hard, but have not generated organic traffic.

So, we started our SEO strategy early, building our e-commerce website designing a year before the site launch. We needed this time for development anyway, so why not use it properly and kill two birds with one stone.

Below is the list of steps we have taken to get our ecommerce website design started and successfully:

Steps How to Start your e-Commerce Website

1. Domain Name

It is quite straightforward. You need a domain name that can fully identify your brand. Do not overthink the process. You can buy a domain name for less than $ 5.00 using a site like Namecheap, Hostinger, GoDaddy.

2. Find a Best Web Development Company

This is an important component of launching your ecommerce site. If you want to launch your site in a relatively short period of time and in a professional manner, be sure to do your own investigation to hire an ecommerce development company.

Get references from other ecommerce websites created by the development company. Get a timeline for how long it will take them to launch the site. Make sure they have a graphic design background so that they can crop images that align with your site.

Be sure to ask if the web development company has experience building a site on the ecommerce platform you choose.

Very often, entrepreneurs go ahead with a development company without doing their due diligence in terms of research.

Do not let this happen to you, as it can stop your website before you start. If you want to know more about how long your e-commerce site should take to launch, feel free to contact a web design company.

3. Choose E-Commerce and Website Hosting Platform

To save time and money, choose a popular ecommerce platform. I recommend the AxeSell eCommerce solution which is the best online shop software.

Most developers are familiar with this online store builder, making it easy to integrate plugins, payment processing, and more.

For any ecommerce site, you can choose to use the AxeSell eCommerce solution because of its capabilities. AxeSell offers you hosting, which costs $ 3.9 per month and provides a fast and secure hosting solution.

4. Select a Theme that Matches Your Ecommerce Vision

To save even more time, you can choose a theme from AxeSell eCommerce Solution to find a layout that resembles the look and feel you desire from an ecommerce perspective.

AxeSell has over 50 website templates and themes that are absolutely free. They are the #1 marketplace for e-commerce website creation.

Don’t reinvent the wheel. Rather than building your site from scratch, choose a template from AxeSell. We learned from experience that the customization process can be a very timely and frustrating one.

So, if you can find a theme you like, you’ll likely save yourself quite a headache.

5. Take Your Website Live

As soon as you commit to starting your business, take your ecommerce website to live, even before listing any of your products.

You can create a homepage, an “About Us” page, and a contact page. It doesn’t have to be beautiful but having a functioning site will be helpful for numerous reasons:

First, it will allow you to establish legitimacy when negotiating deals with vendors. You’ll have more than just an idea.

Second, when reaching out to reporters and bloggers, they can see that you have a website and are credible. Third, it will give you a place for all of these sources to link back to your site, which is, of course, key for building SEO.

6. Get Payment Gateway

Have you ever wondered how credit card payment is accepted on e-commerce websites? It is also through payment gateways and credit card processors.

You are probably most familiar with PayPal or Stripe. But if you want to accept credit cards, recurring billing, and mobile payments, gateways like or offer great options.

AxeSell offers a great list of “5 Best Payment Gateways for E-Commerce Websites”.

Approval for payment gateways and credit card processors is not an easy process but the AxeSell Ecommerce solution helps you in this process.

Before you can apply, you need to set up a secure checkout process on your website, create a privacy policy and return policy, find out your shipping and delivery methods, as well as a working customer service phone number and email address Should be

7. Google Shopping + Facebook Product Catalog

AxeSell did a lot of talk about building your SEO presence during ecommerce website development services so that instead of waiting for website development to complete and starting your SEO from scratch, you can start strengthening your SEO.

However, there are some things that you cannot complete until the site is ready to launch and the product is all uploaded.

When you’re in the final stages of development, make sure to set up your Google Shopping campaign to populate your product images when users search for relevant keywords.

8. Order Packaging and Figure Out Shipping/Storage Options

Before you can launch your website, you need to find out how to store and ship your inventory. You will need to determine storage to make arrangements with your vendors.

Don’t worry AxeSell helps you solve your inventory problem, it helps to maintain all your inventory stock as per your requirement.

About AxeSell

AxeSell is an ecommerce store solution launched by Axepert Exhibits which is one of the best website development companies in Delhi NCR and specialized in e-commerce.

In other words, AxeSell is one of the best online ecommerce store software, with the help of which anyone can create their own eCommerce website in a day. AxeSell is also an ideal solution for small businesses looking for online opportunities to promote their offline ecommerce business.

With the help of AxSell, you can complete the eCommerce website development process with a minimum amount that is a one-time payment.


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