Health Benefits Of an Air Conditioner Unit

Human is probably the only living organism that cannot adapt its body to changing environment, and has, therefore, found ways to change the environment around it. So that he can make it suitable for his survival and growth.  The inability to change body temperature with changing atmosphere has made the Homo sapiens  realize that they need aid from technology so that they can keep themselves comfortable with modifications in weather. The result of this problem appeared in the form of HVAC systems. These enable us humans to stay comfortable in extremely high and low temperatures in any corner of the world.

The world revolutionized with the discovery of air conditioner unit. It made it possible for modern man to live comfortably in extreme weather conditions. To keep cool during summer and warm during winters, in the most convenient way, has always been a dream of Homo sapiens. This dream became reality only because of this system.

But that’s not it, apart from providing comfort the air conditioner unit has some significant health benefits. Besides the cooling effect, air conditioning system has other benefits, like the ones discussed below:

1.      Beneficial for Asthmatic Patients

One of the best health benefits that air conditioner unit have is on patients suffering from asthma. Humidity is one of the major things that can aggravate asthmatic attacks. It is believed that the water content in air causes a tightening of wind pipes. Moreover, humidity traps dust particles, allergens, ozone molecules and microorganisms that worsen the situation and trigger asthma attacks.

AC units decrease the humidity level, thus helping make your abode friendly for you and prevent asthma attacks to the maximum.

2.      Prevents Respiratory Diseases

Diseases relating to the respiratory system have been observed to have worsened due to the presence of pollutants and dust in the surrounding air. The proficient AC functioning requires closed doors and windows, which implies that no external pollutants and allergens can enter your home’s air. Although some people don’t like staying in a closed room under normal circumstances but an ac works for almost everyone as it does not induce a feeling of suffocation and meanwhile keeps numerous germs away from you including those that contribute to development of horrific respiratory diseases.

3.      Safe and Healthy Air 

The constant air circulation ensures fresh air enters your home’s environment, if only you keep replacing your air filters after every 30-40 days. Otherwise, it might be a major cause of sending in dust particles, and pathogens into your home’s air, making it unhealthy for you and your family.

Moreover, a bad odor is removed instantly and is replaced with fresh smelling air.

4.      Protects from Heat Strokes

Hot weather and long exposure to direct sunlight has negative impacts on human health causing dehydration, nausea, severe headache and fatigue; heat stroke being the worst of all. Ac units installed at homes and offices help us have lower body temperature during the extremely hot summer months, making the environment we live and work in favorable. So, if you don’t want to experience a nasty heat stroke you must consider installation of an ac if you already don’t one in your home.

5.      Prevents Fungal Growth

Hot air tends to be lighter than cold air, thus rises up and with no air conditioner unit this air would accumulate and moisten the ceiling and walls. Molds and mildews grow on such damp surfaces. Fungal growth of such kind can be disastrous to your health. Therefore, if your system is malfunctioning make sure you have it repaired by AC repair service providers in Richmond VA. Who would have that these air conditioners might save you from fungal diseases as well.

6.      No More Flying and Crawling Creatures

Cool temperatures are not welcoming to insects. They usually prefer warm and damp places. For instance, mosquitoes, which are an utter summer headache, are attracted to moisture. Ac units help decrease humidity and temperature on the inside and make your home less attractive to these flying creatures that can act as major vectors of various diseases- malaria and dengue.

7.      Good Sleep

Insomnia is one of the common diseases people are suffering lately. The amount of torture one has to endure to try to fall asleep is relatable. Every one of you must have experienced this at least a few times. The condition can worsen on a hot night, which is why the importance of an efficient AC unit for a good sleep and healthy body cannot be denied.

To avail all these health benefits a proper functioning, well- maintained AC system is crucial. Hence it is important to get professional air conditioner repair on right time. Concluding the whole discussion it can be said that investment on an air conditioner unit won’t be a wastage since these not only provide comfort but some significant health benefits as well.