Importance Of Tour Guide System In Tourism

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Some people face difficulty in communicating in public places because of lots of communication barriers. So, to make communication more accessible, wireless audio tour guide systems are introduced, which improves communication with a group of people during several events.

These highly versatile and advanced tour guide systems support up to 100 channels, use an electrical condenser microphone, and have a highly efficient performance using a dipole antenna. Now there will be no voice strain and message confusion if you use these devices. Let’s find out all about the tour guide system.

What is a tour guide system?

Tour Guide System is a combination of an audio transmitter and a speaker’s microphone to ensure that the message and the meaning are delivered successfully to the receiver. Also, it is essential these days to overcome background noise and valuable for multilingual content delivery during small events.

Further, wireless audio tour guide systems comprise integrated microphones, a charging solution, and a set of wireless receivers with a headset, making communication easier. You can easily use these devices for indoor, outdoor, conference, and tourism. Thus, it is a user-friendly gadget.

At present, industries have also been using these devices to communicate from long distance and using them for conveying information distinctly and clearly to the employees. These small earpieces have robust audits, which guided tours of shop floors for customers.

Audioguide vs. tour guide system

Sometimes people get confused between audioguide and a tour guide system. There is a minor difference between both of them, which differentiates them from each other. An audio guide is a device that takes people on a tour of exhibitions and museum which have ready-made audio.

However, a wireless audio tour guide system enables the communication between an utterer and their addressees. The speaker can control the voice, and on the other hand, the audience can hear everything. These systems also have a controlled dialogue with the group, unlike the audio guide.

4 KEY FEATURES of the tour guide system

These tour guide systems have four unique features that prevent the communication barrier.

1.      Central channel switching

These guide systems have switching channel options. Suppose the wireless tour guide system connection is adversely affected by external factors or background noise, like other people transmitting on the same frequency. In that case, you can switch the channel without bothering the receiver. Moreover, there are various channels available to choose from for transmission, contingent on the device.

2.      Dialogue functionality

The second feature is dialogue functionality.  This function allows having a successful dialogue between the group and the guide at a push of a button. It helps to inform people through conversations and allows the receiver to ask questions or comment on the things going around.

Moreover, it helps to prevent confusion between the speaker and the receiver. You can have a successful question and answer section with these tour guide systems at conferences and lecturer hall. It allows only one member to speaker at a time and others to listen in for the duration.

3.      Grouping  and synchronization

The third feature that makes effective communication is grouping and synchronization. A large group usually divides into two small groups but usually has one guide. For those groups, this tour guide system is highly beneficial as they allow communication to both groups. So, now you can know the things around without having the guide with you.

4.      Charging and transport bag

This tour guide system comes with a charging and transport bag to make traveling much more accessible. It helps protect the environment as all tour guide systems are operated with rechargeable lithium polymer batteries, which offers running time up to 20 hours to 30 hours. So, they have highly advanced and innovative life charging.

 Advantages of a tour guide system

These guide systems have some obvious advantages, as listed below.

  • The guide can deliver his message successfully without shouting and speaking loudly. These microphones can successfully provide the msg to the receiver with ambient sound levels while explaining the attractions.
  • The group members do not have to stick at one point or do not have to crowd together. They can easily roam around while listening to the speaker on interest being discussed or described.
  • Group members can also enjoy the commentary and enjoy high-tech features rather than concentrating on specific features.
  • Multiple Configuration options
  • A portable system which is a highly lightweight hard case, perfect for international or domestic travel
  • Delivered message through headsets with high-quality digital audio
  • They are highly durable, solid, and reliable
  • License-free and legal in all countries and also operates on a 2.4GHz Wireless Frequency
  • Long battery life, which can run up to 10+ hours, charge at night using the built-in charge dock
  • and works all-day
  • they are highly flexible which can easily be carried in suits large or small group
  • Environmentally Sound and long-lasting rechargeable batteries

Use of Tour Guide system in Tourism Activities

The tour guide system is highly beneficial for tourism activities. Tourism is one of the most prominent industries globally, encouraging people to explore various regions and expand their business.

However, this pandemic has been primarily affected and has a significant impact on the economy.  So, if these tourists use these tour guides for communicating, it will help to maintain distance, and at the same time, it helps them to enjoy the tour.

Also, it helps to deliver lectures as everyone is sitting at a particular distance from each other. Using these systems, you can quickly provide your speech successfully and maintain your health.

So, now they have become a source of information and explanation to promote once current affairs, culture, art, music, history, and many more. Moreover, it also allows converting the country’s language, and if possible, in other languages. Other uses of these high-tech wireless tour guide systems include races, conferences, public speaking, and many more, where you can successfully comment or debate on a particular topic while maintaining the distance.