Should We Remove Mobile Service Manager App?

Mobile Service Manager App

Suppose you come to know that there is an app installed on your android device the phone manufacturer itself has installed it on your phone. This app is utilizing a lot of your valuable mobile data without your permission. It updates itself without your permission. So we are talking about mobile service managers. You must be wondering what is mobile services manager are the above-written statement true about it.

The mobile service manager which is there since the inception of that device, right from its installation it is present in that device. Some well-known mobile service providers are earning money to advocate this application, they prompt users to install it on their device. Later on, this app gets updated on a regular basis without even notifying the user. There are high chances that this might occupy a lot of space in your phone due to which the android phone might become lethargic. We also discuss some apps which are using are phone storage.

Why remove this application?

Some of the issues faced by the users due to this application a large amount of unwanted junk gets stored on the cellphone. This happens as this application updates itself on a timely basis without even informing the phone users. So it is highly recommended to disable it. There is a CQATest on the android phone you are using need to disable this option

How to get rid of this problem?

This is an in-built app so you cannot remove it or uninstall it, so the only option is to disable the application. Here we will share the step by step guidelines on how it is done

  1. Navigate to the mobile settings
  2. Depending on your android version go to the application manager.

When you find the required mobile service manager, use the disable option. Here there is an option to uninstall which depends on your preference to just use disable the option or uninstall option.

There is an alternate method to do it

  1. In this option we will have to navigate to the mobile settings option
  2. There on the extreme right side, there is 3 polka-like dots which are available for a menu option, we need to check the show system option need to click it.
  3. Here we will find option mobile service manager we need to select this option. Here go forward and disable the application. Similarly here user will get both options to uninstall and disable, kindly select the option depending on your choice. 

Applications eating our phone storage,  act immediately!

There are some apps inside our phones which are utilizing a lot of our phone space.

Here are some of the app listed below 

  • 1 Youtube
  • 2 Instagram
  • 3 Skype
  • 4 Facebook
  • 5 Facebook Messenger
  • 6 Google Maps
  • 7 Amazon Kindle
  • 8 Google Chrome
  • 9 WhatsApp

Photos and videos are the two main storage eaters. As we receive a lot of unwanted photos and videos on the daily basis. Which occupy humongous space on our phone, when we try to find out the photos which we want generally we do not find them on a timely basis. A lot of our time goes into deleting these photos. WhatsApp has a new feature that deletes all the old photos, after a specific number of days. We can choose this option for a particular user or a group but for that, you need to be the admin of that group.

There are two options for android users Device Manager app and the Google photos app. Talking about the Google photos application it is always present on the phone. It goes through all social media applications on our cellphone and it segregates photos as per places, people, date, collage, and videos are also systematically placed. 

The device manager app helps to delete all the duplicate photos and all the unwanted data in our phones on regular basis. We can manage videos from here too.


So what are you waiting for go forward and disable the service manager app?  A lot of your queries would have been solved by the above article. Also, we have given additional information about maintaining by deleting the unwanted apps which are eating your money storage. Photos and videos are big headaches using Google photos and Device manager might be a wise decision. But it depends upon the user’s choice no special recommendation for the above-mentioned application.