The meaning of Feng-Shui Elephant Statue and How to Place It

feng-shui elephant statue

According to Eastern conception, an elephant is a gentle animal and symbolizes strength, luck, and fortune. In the article below, let’s join Phan Vinh Ninh Binh Stone to learn about the meaning of feng-shui elephant statue mo da dep and how to place the elephant statue in feng-shui.

Stone elephant statue

The stone feng-shui elephant statue is one of the popular and popular stone breeds in families. They show strength and power for homeowners. In addition, a number of stone elephant statues are also used as decorations to bring a good feng-shui meaning.

Stone elephant statue is made from natural monolith so it is durable, luxurious beauty without losing the inherent rustic.

Due to the increasing demand for elephant feng shui stone statues, not only in spiritual works such as communal houses, pagodas, their churches … but also in families, Ninh Binh handicraft stones have been manipulated and supplied. Many beautiful, high-quality stone elephant statues with many different sizes for customers in recent years.

Meaning of feng shui stone elephant statue

Elephant means “Statue” in Chinese, homophones with the word “Thua General” – a great official in the court. Therefore, the stone feng-shui elephant statue is meant to promote prosperity and symbolize strength and intelligence. Day chuyen locnuoc Placing a feng-shui stone elephant statue in the house will help homeowners gain power and status.

The elephant has a long hose with very good water absorption ability, but in feng shui, water (the element of Water in the Five Elements) represents money and fortune. Therefore, stone elephants also have the meaning of attracting fortune, helping homeowners succeed financially.

The image of an elephant is like the guard and guard of the house, helping to bring peace to the family or the area it guardes. The feng-shui stone elephant statue also activates the area according to the Bat Monster diagram to bring harmony to the whole house.

Stone elephant statues also symbolize health and gentleness, so they often bring many good things. In addition, the elephant is also associated with fertility, so families who want to give birth often place a small elephant statue to achieve their aspirations.

Elephants are inherently gentle and pure, so they also symbolize harmony in the family. The stone feng-shui elephant statue is also meaningful to neutralize family discord and the relationship between husband and wife. Therefore, placing the feng shui elephant statue in the house will help family members always happy, comfortable, harmonious, and happy family atmosphere.

How to place a feng shui elephant statue

In order to strengthen, position themselves, increase wealth, and support development, people often place a mini feng shui stone elephant statue on the desk or place a large stone elephant statue near the door. into the company’s office

If the house has a window overlooking a place with water sources such as lakes, rivers, sea … it is recommended to place a stone elephant statue next to the window with the head position and the tap facing out to attract wealth.

In case your house is not close to the water source, you should put an aquarium or water wheel between two stone elephants if there are 2 statues or put right in front of the elephant statue if there is one. This will help the feng shui elephant statue promote the better ability of his talent to attract fortune.

Placing an elephant statue in the living room in the Tai Vi area can help family members enjoy wisdom and health, along with prosperity, prosperity, and assistance in career development.

Placing a stone feng-shui elephant statue in the western region (uterus) will create beneficial energy for young children to help their intelligence and learning better.

Placing an elephant statue in the North (Quan Loc Palace) in case you are experiencing financial difficulties will help strengthen your finances, revive your career.

For families looking to have a baby, place an elephant statue in the living room or a pair of elephants on either side of the bedroom door.

In addition, a mini stone elephant statue on the child’s desk will help increase intelligence and creativity. In order to neutralize or limit the bad energy in the West to adversely affect the child, parents should place a small elephant statue in this direction.

The placement of the elephant statue combined with many other suitable support symbols also helps to increase good fortune, talent to the house and create harmony for the house.