Guide to Fix Paper Jam – HP Officejet 7612

Hp officejet 7612

You urgently need to print an important document, and an annoying sign appears on the screen: the paper is jammed. Or the indicator light blinks red on the front of the printer, notifying you of the error. The device jammed the page, a problem occurred, and the work stopped. What to do if the paper is jammed in the printer? How to pull it out neatly and undamaged? We will try to understand this issue and learn how to fix paper jam in the printer.

Printer Paper Jam is one of the common phenomena encountered for those who have a habit of printing regularly. Today, most popular printers, including HP Officejet 7612, can experience this after a certain period of use. However, this situation will certainly make people who use the printer feel extremely uncomfortable.

Why is the printer jammed?

There are many different causes of HP printer paper jam. Some of the common ones are as follows:

  • Print paper quality is not guaranteed for the printer to use: If you are using too thin or too thick paper, this can also cause the HP printer paper to jam.
  • Wet, damp paper: This can also be caused by poor handling or storage of paper, moisture in your print media, or accidentally spilling water on the print media, which is also the problem—the cause of the paper jam.
  • Paper puller is worn out: When the printer is used for a long time, the puller roller will wear out gradually. This is the main cause of the printer jam because when worn out, the paper puller will no longer remove the standard printing paper; getting more sheets leading to a jam is understandable.
  • The printer has torn silk bags: Maybe you accidentally used paper with staples when it could tear the printer’s silk bag without knowing it. This is also the cause of the printer jam.

How to solve the problem when the printer is jammed?

You are not a technical expert or a professional repairer, you still can hardly fix the jammed HP Officejet 7612 completely, but you can fix it temporarily and can be sure. To keep your printer safe, do not miss your work when needed. Follow these steps:

  • Power off your HP Officejet 7612 printer.
  • Remove the printer cover. Depending on the type of printer, the cover position or the way to remove it is different. 
  • You gently pull the jammed paper out of the printer to avoid tearing the paper. To remove the jammed paper from the printer, you need to be careful to avoid the residual paper or not pull the paper out.

Advice on the printer to handle jam paper error

In the case of an HP printer paper jam error caused by a problem with your sensor or dryer, all you should do is contact the printer repair service at home. You should because the printer’s accessories are difficult to fix usually. You will have to replace the damaged accessories. But this new replacement is more appropriate for “experts” in the printer, who have experience working with printers.