What You Have to Do Prior to the Arrival of Professional Carpet Cleaner

Professional Carpet Cleaner

Professional carpet cleaning services are highly recommended 2 times in a year for ensuring the proper hygiene of the carpet. This also maintains its freshness, cleanliness and look extending its lifespan more over and over again.

With professional carpet cleaning you can get a healthy home environment to live in. Now if you are planning for a cleaning session soon then you must learn about preparations. What you should do before their arrival? Let’s find out

Make a to-do list of the areas to be cleaned

Before the arrival of carpet cleaning expert; check out the areas which need special attention. Look for the spots and stains on the carpet and note down its types. By this way the pre-treatment solution can be determined by the expert prior to clean them completely. Share with your cleaner if you have ever attempted to remove it on your own.

Even you need to share the cleaning solution you used and the method you preferred. Moreover, if you have any concerns, you can share it with the expert as well. However, don’t miss out to pinpoint the high foot traffic spot of the carpet to obtain special care and treatment.

Ensure ample of space in your parking lot

Carpet cleaning equipment is quite heavy and often they arrive in a car so parking space is essential. Make sure that sideways or driveway outside of the property is fine!

Tie up every long curtain

If you have any long draperies then lift them about 6-inch off floor so that they can be prevented from moisture emits from industry-strength cleaning machine. Rubber bands or pins can be used to tie them up. In case, you are unable to find any then, just hang it over respective curtain rods.

Shift the furniture

On the basis of carpet cleaning company you have selected, just shift every pieces of furniture. Also, it is important for you to know the company policy. Many just vacuum the area under the furniture while others use protective cover under legs for minimising the depth of the marks.

Even there are companies which shift certain pieces of furniture if they are empty sideboards, bookcases and cabinets. Discount will be given to the customers in case the room is totally empty with cleaning of the carpet from a wall to another.

Relocate the small floor objects

Every item which can be the obstacle in the way of cleaning tool must be relocated. Things like children’s toys, waste paper basket, floor lamps and delicate items for display must be move to another room for a temporary period.

Small furniture such as chairs and tables are quite light to shift to another room before cleaning. Keep the floor tidy as it will assure that nothing is going to suck up by carpet cleaning machine.

Thorough vacuum

Beforehand vacuuming is proven to be efficient in removing loose dirt and debris! Most of the carpet cleaning companies use power-head cleaner firstly for the removal of loose debris. Then the carpet is wetted using water. You can ask the cleaning expert whether you will do it on your own or they will perform it on arrival.

Dust the skirting boards

By wiping of the skirting board you can reduce the loose dust amount of the carpet. Performing this job prior to clean the carpet professionally can reduce the actual time of cleaning keeping it fresh for a long period of time afterwards as well.

Make proper arrangements for pets and children

While the experts at your door ensure that your kids and pets are indulged completely in a separate room. This will ensure full concentration of the professional cleaners. Although experts do always use pet- and kid-friendly cleaning products yet the emission of noise from used machine can be frightening for them. Also, there is a chance of tangling of the cords leading to a hazardous situation. So, be careful!

Some companies make use of truck-mounted system which needs to open the outside door a bit more. In case, the pet has been startled by it then it can be their escape route! so, it must be taken care as well. Outdoor activities can be arranged from the kids and pets as well at the time of cleaning session.

Remember that a couple of hours of drying time are needed by the carpet before you can give your footprints onto it again. In this time, keep the door closed so one can ruin the cleanliness of the carpet.

Consult with the professionals

The professional carpet cleaner in London will let you inform every bit of information regarding the necessary preparations. Also, you can send quote request stating your queries to be answered.

Our expert team can assist you with effective advice to take proper care of the carpet in the long run. Ask more about odour and stain protection while keeping the carpet refresh all day long with a new look!