Who is the best wedding planner in India?

Wedding Planner in Jaipur

Wedding planners take away the heavy burden from your chest to pave the way for a wonderful wedding. Yes, You might have heard it often that wedding planners only work for “big – fat – weddings” but that isn’t true anymore! but They work with large scale, medium size as well as small-scale weddings. They will assist you completely on your D-Day! It will be better for the parties to discuss the budget first and Proceed with intimate and other areas of the wedding thereafter.

Konark Events

With more than 16 years of experience this event company is stepping forward and looking forward. The event company is nurturing its footsteps all over India as well as globally. They look into intimate weddings and events and make your D-Day a special one. Eye- for- every-details make them stand out in the crowd. It is the top wedding planner in India.

Memorable Indian Weddings-

Sunaina Sharma and Kavya Karla – the two young women manage and run this company. It is specialized in planning destination weddings in India and South East Asia. Their objective and motive is to create something that simply resonated with the wonderful couple and effortlessly incorporate the special moments in their journey. Their reflection of creativity is visible in the kind of work they bring forward.

  Diwas Weddings

With three offices spread across the country it is manifesting weddings on a global front. It is an excellent option for couples looking out for wedding planners to plan their destination wedding. Their work and intriguing nature is leading them ahead of all. They love to explore and bring the fine details out. If you want something extraordinary, hire the team of wedding planners that loves to explore.


Planning a perfect Desi wedding ? Start the spin of weddings that specializes in destination weddings abroad. Working abroad or an NRI, reach out to Sketchknots, and plan a wedding in the most Desi style. They are the best to begin your wedding ceremonies with.

 Ankit Bhargava-

A wedding planner with an expertise in India’s top 3 wedding destinations- Goa, Kerala and Rajasthan. He will make sure that all his weddings are perfectly executed. The details, the celebration is something person for him. He will set out this big day for you by adding a touch of emotions. If the above destinations are in your list- then go for Ankit Bhargava, he will be a great choice and execute your wedding seamlessly.

 Magic Lights-

A wedding planning company that is pro in event planning. It plans weddings in Rajasthan and predominantly in Udaipur. They dwell in weddings of all kinds of budget- Luxury Weddings, low-budget destination weddings , small weddings etc. Looking for a wedding planner that will offer you high personalized planning, then Magic Lights can be the right choice for you.

Divya Vithika-

A wedding that will be oozing with style and glamour. Well, This is a company that is run by two former Miss India Winners! The titleholders – Divya and Vithika started this full service in 2009. They offer you the planning assistance needed for the lovely wedding. They bring the aesthetics and themes under one roof. Looking for a wedding that will suit your aesthetics and themes- Call Divya Vithika.

 The Wedding Design Company-

Glamorous, timeless and classic. If you are wondering how to set up the best of the best events. Hire WDC they will create some moments of magic. It has vast experience to give couples the wedding of their dreams. If you want to create a Winter Wonderland or have a royal grand wedding in Rajasthan with grandeur. Mail to a Wedding Design Company and make all your dreams come to reality.

 Shloka Events 

is among the top event planning companies. It primarily handles events in India and Thailand. At Sloka they realize that each and every guest attending the event is special. They believe that an extraordinary factor lies in the small details. They are experienced and have the nerves to handle pressure.

Shaadi Squad-

Looking for a special and intimate celebration? Shaadi Squad is a sweetly constructed team that is brought to life. They are known to give us the famous and perfect wedding. It is passionately dedicated to translating your wishes into reality. They will use creativity and imagination to craft a wedding that is unique and splendid as well. They will let you soak in every moment of the celebration. If you find them, You can take a chill- pill.

 FNP Weddings

If you know, Indian weddings are all about opulence and vibrant settings. The traditional customs merge with the aesthetics to give a perfect modern wedding. FNP Weddings believe that all the weddings should be incorporated beautifully. The traditions and cultures should be planned according to the desires of the clients.

 3 Production Weddings-

At 3Production we specialize in wedding ceremonies that are across the social spectrum. This team is driven by passion and a deep sense of professionalism. They have this motivation to make your wedding a unique and unforgettable affair. They will strive to make the entire ceremony a fun- filled one. Furthermore, they keep them moving and updated by acknowledging the latest technologies and seeing the most recent advancements. If you put your trust into- 3Productions then enjoy a fun- filled adventure.

 Krayonz Weddings

It is a Mumbai based event management company that specializes in all kinds of event services. They make sure they are the integral part of the wedding planning process. It’s a wonderful and enjoyable experience not only for the bride and groom but also for the guests


A greatest adventure that comes to life with the dream you want to nurture. The significance of any ocassion can be multiplied if there is enough personalised information and cooperation. They bring in a novel perspective to designing and planning by breaking the monotony of the normal conventional wedding.

Wedding Planners in India come in the form of fairies to Indian Families. Especially, now that the wedding celebrations are larger than life .  a helping hand is needed to plan the weddings authentically.