Why Is It Necessary To Install A Security Door Bar At Your Place?

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Everyone has the right to feel secure at their home, apartment, or mobile home. Unfortunately, the crime rate has been increased worldwide due to which there’s a home intrusion every day somewhere. So, we need extra protection in our homes. The Sliding Door Security Bar is the ultimate solution to our shelter. They are essential for the doors that have weak patio because of which burglar enter the homes.

What Is a Door Security Bar?

A door security bar is a high-standard quality steel bar that provides you high-level security by stretching across the door’s width. Income in multiple sizes and some high-quality doors have a built-in security alarm, which adds one more layer to the security. The sliding door jammers are highly portable and increase your protection level.

How does a sliding door bar protect you from burglars?

Some people already have heavy-duty sliding door locks with a key and strong locks. So, you may be thinking, why have door security bars or jammers. These door bars provide additional security to your home and reduce burglars’ chances of getting inside your house. These door bars are highly effective.

Nowadays, the burglar is experts in breaking all kinds of locks so, why take risk your life and security. These best sliding door security bars help protect you and your house and give you peace of mind that comes with safety and protection. They enable the burglars who dislodge sliding doors effortlessly.

Sliding Door Security Bar can also act as good deterrents. These locks will add extra security because they will not be messing around with your strict security. So, it is better that you protect your property with these bars, the more chance there is of a burglar moving on to easier pickings. We all know whose door lock is weak, so it is now a good time to prevent crime and check them for vulnerability.

How a Door Jammer Works

The door jammer has a similar function as the bars. The bars are usually fixed horizontally around the door, and the jammers are portable and do not need any installation. These jammers and bar go with any door types, you don’t need to worry about that, and even these jammers come in small sizes and are also perfect for traveling and compact enough to carry in handbags.

Moreover, other than homes, they are used in hotel rooms and toilets as well. A jammer works when the bars braces onto the floor at one end, and the other one is under the handle, thus jamming the door. They also consist of a padded foot grip, which allows to jammer to be steady and protects the floor.

Further, these small compact jammers act like a useful doorstop. You only have to slip the jammer underneath the door, which allows you to analyze any horizontal force applied outside the door then convert to vertical force. In other words, if the burglars will try to open the door, the jammer with get tighter and enable the burglar to enter your space.

However, these jammers contain a small gap under the door which can be a problem for some entries. But in most cases, there may be some doors that don’t have an opening or a gap big enough.

Where to Use Door Security Bars

You can put security bars where you feel unsafe, and burglars can enter your place from there. But the most critical area where you need to install these security bars are the front doors. There is almost 56% robbery by entering through front doors so, use the bars. They will provide you 100% safety at an affordable price by adding a security layer to your place.

Moreover, if you live in a flat or an apartment, then place these bars at the main entrance and if you live in a house, then add these bars to all the doors that open outside the home as more the doors more will be the chances of these burglars coming inside the homes. Here are the doors where you can install these bars

  • Back doors, including patio doors which can be particularly vulnerable
  • Front door
  • Garage door, especially any door that connects the garage to the main house
  • Side doors

It is also necessary to protect your ground floor windows because about 23 percent of thieves come through these if the door is not opening. So, it is essential to take all the measures before any severe accident takes place at your place. Here are some ways or tricks that the burglars usually do to break the door locks and try to enter the home.

  • Nearly always try to break the front door first
  • The second choice is usually the Side doors
  • If the above attempts fail, then they may move to the backyard and try to enter from the backside of the property

What is the main advantage of a sliding door bar?

Do people generally ask how effective are door security bars? Their efficiency can be measure by these advantages, which shows that they are highly efficient and full fill all the security purposes of the user.

  • Adjustable for sliding or swing doors
  • They are easy to use
  • These bars are cheap and inexpensive
  • These security bars are lightweight and add extra security.
  • They are suitable for hard floors
  • They are available in multiple finishes and add additional protection.

Are sliding doors more secure?

A glass sliding door is not that much secure than wood or fiberglass. It would be best if you have bars to make them more protective. Glass doors are broken easily, so it is necessary to put the bars on the main entrance that open outside should be of wood or steel not to be broken. You can make the sliding door secure by using these tips:

  • Use Blocking Bars
  • Install a Security Pin
  • Apply Shatterproof Film; it will help protect your home during hurricanes as well.
  • Get a Monitored Alarm System