Why Media and Entertainment Can’t Do without Mobile Apps

Movie on demand, music on demand, games on demand pretty much anything you can think can be accessed easily on-demand. We are so into the new digital era that you can even get a doctor on demand. And this same technological boom that we are living right now is not only helping thousands of people get a living out of it, but all these innovations and advancement has changed the way humans live more than ever.

Gone are the days when we used to go to the entertainment store physically to buy a movie CD or a game CD. You can get these two just by sitting at home and connecting yourself to the internet. Gone are the days when you used to buy cassettes and CDs and then play it on your mp3 player and that too each one of these carrying only a handful of songs. Now you can do these just by clicking a single button or even saying it aloud to the smart assistant on your phone like Alexa, ok Google, Siri, etc.

With the introduction to smartphones in the late 2000s, we seriously stepped 2 steps forward into living a totally different life. Initially, it was all for the riches but now we can see almost everyone has a smartphone and a 4G/5G connection. And just to let you know, in this last decade where smartphones stepped into our lives, we made it such a big deal in our lives that now on average a male/female spends near about 3-4 hours on his smartphone daily. Just imagine, 4 hours out of 24 hours, that like one-sixth of the day!.

And what do we look for the most in these 3-4 hours? Isn’t it obvious? ENTERTAINMENT!. Yes, almost 80% of the public either scroll past any social media site watching videos and reels or watch a movie or listen to music in these hours. This doesn’t mean we don’t use mobile phone for other stuff, but it’s just data showing that entertainment has the most part of the hours occupied for itself. In fact to prove this, a survey about the study of “the top 10 most used applications” on the mobile phones by Statista, entertainment occupies the top 5 of the top 10 slots possible.

But the main question here is, would entertainment survive without these mobile apps? Would movies and this level of video-sharing be possible if we never had this much tech boom in our life? We all know the answer to this question, and that’s a straight cut NO!. It would have never been into our lives this much. So let’s not waste time and dive deeply into thinking about all the reasons why it wouldn’t have this much success if we never had smartphone applications.

1) Applications give us easy access

Let’s be honest, the only reason it spread like a wildfire was because we could access it almost instantly at any time. Thanks to all the app development company out there and their hardworking app development service employees, we can now easily access our favourite apps/movies/songs/games/photos almost instantly. Without these precious apps, entertainment would have been much like a distant relative.

2) It’s an easy way to market

Previously, companies would have spent millions on printing banners and posters to stick them around the country for marketing. Now, all you have to do is pay the app’s parent organisation fee and market your product almost instantly that too globally and not just in your country. Not to mention that you will be getting the views of almost 100x people you would have got previously. Cutting the cost, if you develop your own app, you won’t even have to pay to market!.

3) Gives what you want

Apps track our lives almost every second. Our phones know what type of content we like, what pages we visited, what photos we like what videos we disliked. And these apps extract this information from your application to recommend what you want. And this adds to the extra viewership because people tend to see things more if they like them. Indeed, this was not the case before, right?

4) Seamless content

Again, thanks to the app development company that builds these precious apps, we can see our favourite content seamlessly. Yes, it depends on your internet too, but seamless content at your fingertips almost every second of the day is a privilege that we have right now. No more store visits; just click and start watching!

5) Easily sharable

The fact that we are getting tons of types of content is because people are able to share it easily. Who would have caught and shared that funny video on camera that went viral on Facebook if it wouldn’t have been possible to share so easily? Commendable job to all the app development services, that we are now able to send valuable as well as entertaining content to almost anyone on the planet.

Apps and the devices they reside in have changed the way we live. We are not the same anymore. We are going digital day by day. There may be someday when we won’t even have to step outside our house to do anything. Only people who are working will go outside and the rest will be doorstep delivered to us at any time. But who knows, we can only imagine and let’s hope we progress our lives into an even better-digitized generation.