Why Muslims Performing Umrah in December ?

hajj and Umrah

Umrah, a sacred ritual is a minor pilgrimage and a non-mandatory religious obligation which is the beautiful Sunnah of our beloved Holy Prophet (S.A.W.W). It is a superlative Sunnah in Islam that means taking a trip to a populated area, Makkah. Unlike the rewards of Hajj, the Umrah has its own meaning and its own spiritual rewards for pilgrims. Umrah is a spiritual journey that cleanses your body and soul, and after returning, the effects of this spiritual journey can easily be represented on a Muslim. It is the best chance for a Muslim to improve his grades in Jannah.

Muslims in the UK often choose this time of year to go on holiday to their homeland. Without a doubt, meeting family is a pleasant and precious moment. But what if we told you that December is actually the best time to go to Allah’s house and perform Umrah?

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Millions of people come to visit the House of Allah Almighty and will be rewarded with great rewards. Pilgrims should decide to book flights at the appropriate time that is most convenient and reasonable for them. It is a great prospect for those who wish to visit the Holy Kabah but are unable to afford the expenses of Hajj. Anyone can perform this ritual at any time of the year, but it is perfect if you perform this ritual in the month of December. Performing Umrah in December does not have a single advantage.

Reasons to Perform Umrah in December:

The city of Makkah never really sleeps and throughout the year it is full of pilgrims from all over the world. However, December is not as busy as the other months, especially compared to Zul-Hijjah and Ramadan. Here are some reasons to make you instantly book your flights and hotels for Umrah in December:

Fastidious Weather Conditions:

The first reason for Umrah’s performance in December is the onset of winter in the Arabian Gulf, while Saudi Arabia has a very hot climate. Except for December, the weather is scorching all year round. As the climate of Saudi Arabia is like the burning sun so pilgrims may have to face some difficulties. Saudi Arabia is a desert and you are directly under the burning rays of the sun during Tawaaf. Therefore, it is better to choose the time with a normal temperature. The best time to perform Umrah in December due to its charming and elegant weather. This climate cannot make you a victim of heatstroke that pilgrims who perform Umrah often suffer in the hot months of the year. It is up to you to decide what is best for your safety and health. By taking the trip in December, you can achieve your greatest wish along with your health.

December Vacations with Family:

Another worthy point is free time. You cannot and should not forget your business and family that you left for this purpose. Your attentions certainly make you think of other matters, while this beautiful religious obligation must be fulfilled with full concentration and only you and the one Lord will be there. No one should be between you and the only Creator. So in the month of December, you have a great opportunity because of the Christmas holidays. During this time, you can accompany your family to undertake this holy action. Having a visit to the Holy Kabah in December is quite comforting as Allah SWT narrates that you find comfort in Allah’s zikr.

You are among those lucky pilgrims if you decide to take a flight in December. Everyone wants to visit the best place on vacation to capture the moments and make this moment memorable, so what is more beautiful than the House of Allah Almighty? Nothing, certainly nothing is more beautiful than this beautiful place. Make fruitful investments in the afterlife by planning this sacred journey with the family. Do your best to improve your grades at Jannah and make this tour memorable together with your family.

Reasonable Flight and Hotel Rates:

You’ll get cheap flights in December. Muslims Holy Travel provides low-cost flights, so book your flight according to your budget and convenience. Please check the packages for 3-, 4- and 5-class hotels first and then book the one that is most suitable for you. If you book your flight in advance, you can get a 5-star hotel overlooking Kabah at a relatively cheap price. Enjoy the generous packages that Muslims Holy Travel offers and also enjoy the most beautiful sights in the world when you get a residence near Haram Sharif. December is the month of discounts, so take advantage of this offer and travel to Makkah with the family.

Less Frustration Due to Fewer crowds

Mecca is the place where you see a massive crowd because the Tawaaf is performed during the day and at night. While in Haram, people do not skip to perform the rituals and are busy earning what they can as much as possible, so you will certainly find an ocean of pilgrims’ every time you visit the holy Kabah. While you are in a hustle; it is somewhat difficult for you to perform your task smoothly. During December, you will find relatively fewer people in the house of Allah. In space, you can perform all the Umrah rituals in a sedative way. Your desire to perform Umrah with full attention and peace can be fulfilled by visiting the holy Kabah in December.

These are some of the reasons for Umrah’s performance in December, if you still have concerns about scheduling a tour of Umrah this year, please do contact the Muslims Holy Travel agents to get airfares, Most reasonable hotel, and Umrah package. We look forward to tailoring the best package for you to suit your budget and duration constraints.