7 Exceptional Rewards Mobile App Development Brings For Brands

With more than 215 billion downloads in 2020, across the world, it is evident that people are using apps more than ever. This number is only expected to increase over the years to come.  According to the growth rate, experts estimate that by the end of 2021, the number of mobile app downloads will reach up to an astounding 250 billion or more.

According to the chart, the projected mobile download figures might even touch around 300 billion in the next few years. 

Other research reports show a considerable increase in smartphone usage by people all over the world. Especially after COVID, people have been using smartphones more than they ever did in the past. According to a research survey in India, an average user went from 4.9 hours a day in 2019 to a staggering 5.5 hours a day in 2020, which is a straight 11% increase in daily smartphone usage per day.  In America, an average person spends around 5.4 hours per day in front of their smartphone screens. More devoted smartphone users have even been observed to use their smartphones up to a surprising 12 hours a day.

With this increasing number of app downloads and a sky-rocketing number of hours in the use of smartphones, it is pretty clear that if you want a person’s attention then you are likely to get it if you reach them through their smartphone. It is sad but true that people hardly notice anything at all nowadays because they are so immersed in their smartphone screens. 

However, with such a clear behavior pattern, it is easy for business organizations to understand how they can make a move towards their target audiences now. Recently, it can be observed that every business organization is investing in mobile apps. Every business organization wants to have or create a mobile app nowadays. The question is, whether it is beneficial for brands to create mobile apps. Are these apps really worth it? Why is it not enough for a brand to, simply, on its website? Why does it also need a mobile app now? 

Well, these are all the questions, which will allow you to understand the reasons for the increasing demand for mobile apps by business organizations. Here are some of the most extraordinary benefits every business organization can gain from creating and using a mobile app. 


Consumers of today are looking for a better and faster response from their favorite brands. With websites, a user has to access them through a laptop or a PC, if they wish to browse at a good speed. However, visiting a website on a smartphone is simply a hassle for most users or consumers. This is why people prefer to use mobile apps instead. They are quicker and respond better. With just a couple of taps on your smartphone screen, you can easily get done with whatever you want to do. Nowadays, you can even transfer money through mobile apps, imagine if a brand should make an app like PayPal, how successful could it be?  


Most mobile apps are AI-powered these days and they ask for permission to access your smartphone data before you can use them. Now, by using your information, AI-powered mobile apps can easily discover the taste and preferences of the user, which is imperative for the personalized content brands can share to get the best response from their customers. Another way brands can discover your interests is by getting to know your location through your mobile app. Now, based on your geographical location, they can easily ascertain your cultural values and show you content, which is aligned with your community’s norms and values. This personalization allows brands to create better sales and marketing opportunities for themselves. 


Using mobile apps is one of the easiest things to do for people nowadays. No matter where you are or what you are doing, you can whip your phone out, tap the screen and start using an app. With the freedom to access your favorite brands from wherever you are, the chances of sales are increased considerably for brands across the world. 

Keep Consumers Updated

One of the most effective marketing techniques any brand can use is to provide the consumers with timely updates about their latest promotional offers and deals to captivate their attention. This allows brands to increase their sales and revenues considerably in quite less time. When a brand creates a mobile app, they can easily do this by sending their customer’s instant updates. As soon as the customer opens the app, they will see what’s new and available.

Some brands make use of push notification techniques, which allows them to provide the customers with updates and notifications regardless they open the app or not. This technique not only allows the customers to get awareness but in fact, is an amazing tool to attract them to use the mobile app for a longer time period. 

Builds Brand Awareness

Mobile apps are one of the most effective marketing tools in the business world. They allow brands to provide their target audiences with information about the brand as well as the products as well. These mobile apps are known to be amazingly effective when it comes to creating awareness. 

24/7 Access

With your phones in your hands or in your pockets all the time, it becomes easier for brands to reach you through their mobile apps. Target audiences and customers can easily access your brands through the mobile app in just a matter of a few taps. 


Mobile apps are one of the most cost-efficient ways of reaching out to the target audiences. Not only does it help brands to have a better and stronger relationship with their customers but in fact, these apps are also a great way for brands to stay in touch with their vendors, employees, and other investors. Marketing can be done through mobile apps at a much cheaper rate.