A Day In The Life Of An IT Support Technician

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An IT support technician offers technical help and assistance to companies that use computer systems or computer technologies. Many IT-based companies also provide technical services to their customers and help them with computer software, hardware, and other programs.

If you are from the field of IT, you can work with a specific firm and as well as with an external agency providing IT support to their customers like IT Support Companies Manchester. They are often called computer technicians or IT specialists. They maintain the hardware and software components as well as diagnose and repair any kind of issues.

How does a Day look Like for An IT Support Specialist?

IT technicians are an essential part of keeping a company’s network strong and well put together. They typically have a lot of roles to play daily. The best part about being a technician is the variety of work you do daily. Every day you have a new task to do and a new problem to solve. It helps in increasing and polishing your problem-solving skills.

IT specialists don’t have to be in the office every day. Their schedules are quite flexible and they can work from home as well. A typical day for an IT professional undoubtedly starts with caffeine. Being on the help desk and on-call with the customers all the time can be extremely draining. A cup of tea or coffee helps to keep them active all day. Next thing is to plan out their daily and weekly tasks. Daily work starts after they start their system and open up all the necessary applications that keep track of all the computer systems and programs for them.

Typical Duties of an IT Helpdesk Technician

Here are some of the daily duties and tasks of an IT helpdesk or support technician:

  • Helping customers with their queries and issues regarding different programs and software.
  • Keeping track of the activities of all the systems and computers of the company.
  • Using modern technology to design different programs.
  • Communicating with the clients regularly.
  • Travelling to do work and solve problems on-site for the customers.
  • Setting up and maintaining networks and software.
  • Diagnosing and repairing computer problems.
  • Backing up the company’s data and helping to recover any lost information.
  • Cost and benefit analysis
  • Setting up wireless modems.

Skills that are Needed for Everyday Tasks

Basic skills needed for tech support specialists are:

  • Basic maths
  • Organizational skills
  • Statistical and analytical skills
  • Intense problem-solving abilities
  • Communication skills
  • Networking and customer software knowledge

Bottom Line

Working as an IT support technician opens up a lot of opportunities and has a lot of benefits. It enhances your skills as an IT professional and improves your problem-solving and diagnosing capabilities. Working with IT companies gives a lot of exposure to the graduates, and they can expand the number of skills with proper training and opportunities. Not a single day is boring as an IT specialist because of the unpredictability of worksite technical problems every day. It will increase the strength of team.