How does an on-demand food delivery app like Foodpanda work?

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The food industry is the most famous, on-demand, and it is dramatically increasing in the revenue industry. Anything is a hit if it is associated with food in terms of business. If one decides to sell food in a restaurant or decides to set up a homemade business or puts up a cart on the city’s busiest roads, then it is no doubt to have found its customers and popularity.

The food industry is growing dramatically, and many are finding new ways to bring their business up a notch from others. One such initiative is inducing technology into the industry, leading to ordering food online. with. An Example of such an app is Foodpanda.

What is a Foodpanda?

Food panda is an app that customers use to order their favourite food online from the nearby restaurants and get them to their doorstep by a delivery person. Foodpanda has an association with many restaurants nearby, and the restaurant’s menu is displayed in the app for the customers to make their order.

Foodpanda has combined with over 27,095 restaurants in 193 cities that use 15733 delivery vehicle drivers. In 2019, its revenue turned out to 81 crore Indian rupees, according to

Many app development companies can assist in the foodpanda clone app development that helps boost the business and gain more recognition by many restaurants approaching partners with the app to increase their sales.

How do apps like food panda work?

For an online food delivery system to work, it involves four apps for each person involved, and all these apps collectively work together to give a smooth food delivery service. Let us look in detail at how an on-demand food delivery app work

User app –

The customer logs in to the app with an email ID or a social media account. After logging in, the customer selects the restaurant of their choice and then looks at the menu and makes the food order by choosing the food and making a payment at the checkout. The food delivery person is displayed, and the time of arrival at the mentioned address is estimated.

Restaurant owner app-

After the customer places the order, the order details are sent to the particular restaurant. They accept the order and prepare the order in time before the delivery person picks up the order.

Driver app-

The restaurant owner sends a public notification to the driver’s app to pick up the food and deliver it to the destination. It is visible to all the nearby delivery persons, and anyone who accepts the request has to go to the place to pick up the food and deliver it to the customer at the location.

Admin panel-

The admin panel monitors and governs the entire activities of the other apps. It takes care of the transaction process and looks at failed and pending transactions, monitors drivers’ movements, etc. They make sure to provide solutions to all the problems that arise to the user, driver or restaurant owner.

Features of foodpanda clone app development

Let us discuss some of the features of a food delivery app:

User registration

Customers can log in using their Facebook and Yahoo, or Gmail ID, and they can log in as guests.


Customers can order the same dishes that they have ordered before with the help of the order history option

Criteria based selection

It helps customers choose the restaurants based on locations, cuisines, reviews and ratings and other factors.

Order tracking

The status of the food such as ‘order accepted by restaurant’, ‘food is being cooked’, ‘food is on the way’ and ‘food delivered’ can be tracked with the app.

Multiple payment gateways

They are allowing customers to make payments in their convenient mode of transaction. There are many payment methods available in the app such as credit/debit cards, UPI, internet banking, ewallet and cash on delivery.

Reviews and ratings

They are letting customers express their point on their food.

Customer support

Customer support personnel are available 24/7 via telephone or email communication. One can call and raise a doubt or query about anything and immediate actions will be taken.

Summing up

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